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Nov 29, 2012 06:26 AM

Best Small Plates in DC area

Thought this would be fun....what are your fave small plates venues in DC, close in NOVA and close in MD? Seems to be the 'thing' these days and i love small portions/no doggy bags required. What are the best things to order at your fave spot?

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  1. My favorite small plates restaurant is Graffiato. The menu is excellent, changes seasonally and works for a variety of different people (I have dined with a vegetarian, someone who keeps Kosher, and my pork-loving father all at this restaurant).

    Some of my favorite plates are the broccoli rabe with feta, the gnocchi (regardless of what Chef Isabella is doing with it at the moment), a variety of pizzas (I have tried the Goodfellas [spicy!], The Greco and the Countryman)--all are great. And you cannot forget the pepperoni sauce--this stuff should be jarred and sold. It's amazing! Get two!!! For dessert anything served with the salt gelato is worth ordering.

    1. You can do this at Joe's. Steve has compiled quite a list a few times over the years. Here's a few threads, but there are more. Just search past 5 years on Steve and Joe's.

      A winner:

      1. I feel like everything is small plates these days... Not that I mind much since I like to try a variety of things.

        1. on M and 18th.
          Bar Pilar (especially now with the addition space and new cocktail menu
          )Masa 14

          Never been to Estadio ... need to get there.