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Nov 29, 2012 04:51 AM

Last Chance Kitchen 11/28 (spoilers)

Figured I'd write this up quickly but I seldom watch the show in real time so someone else will have to take it over in future weeks. In any case, Tom comes to the house and most of them have an inkling that LCK is happening again. They meet in the kitchen and find that they have to use the ingredients that got them booted the first time.

Chrissy decides to redo the salad from the restaurant, Carla debones the squab but has a hard time with it, Jeffrey does halibut w/ peas and morels in cream sauce and Koniko makes a potato lemongrass chowder. Tom says everyone but one person redeemed themselves and that's Carla, the squab's legs were too rare and it wasn't properly seasoned. Even tho Carla was chattering bugging Chrissy, she gets sympathy for being called out like that. Tom picks Koniko as the winner and she's hoping to surprise her parents by winning.

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  1. Nice job on the LCK recap Joanie!

    I'm glad to see her win and hope she blasts through LCK!

    1. I guess Carla Pellegrino does have a problem with squab (or small poultry). Glad to see Kuniko Yagi move on to the next round.

      I suspect that so long as KY concentrates on her own dish she will be a formidable contestant, but it is still early days.

      1. I hate to admit that I love Carla a little bit for saying, "it takes me 12 minutes just to de-bone the bitch."

        Glad to see Kuniko gets to cook some more - she was kicked off for a totally valid reason, but I'm excited to see what else she can do.

        1. Thanks for starting the write-up, Joanie! Just got a chance to view the first LCK, and was *very* pleasantly surprised that Kuniko won LCK! I think it was probably between her and Jeffrey - either of whom I'd have been pleased to see win.

          I hope Kuniko can take this pretty far through the LCK competition.

          1. Maybe I'm wrong, but I finished watching the LCK with the impression that Kuniko not only won this round, but that she was given her Top Chef coat back and would be joining the others in the primary competition this next week.

            I'm a bit lost as to what happened with the others. Carla "did not redeem herself" and is most certainly done. As to the other two, will we see them again in future upcoming LCK contests?

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            1. re: nosh

              The LCK champ gets a coat, but doesn't return to the main competition. If they lose at some point, they have to hand over their coat to whoever beats them. The eventual winner is apparently coming back in the finale this season.

              1. re: nosh

                No, she gets to keep her Top Chef coat in the LCK, but she has to continue to win against whoever comes in as they're eliminated from TC. If she loses, she gives up her TC coat, and whoever won against her gets *their* TC coat back. Whoever wins the last LCK gets back into the TC competition - I think when there are 4 left in Top Chef, so they'd become the 5th cheftestant.

                Based on last season's LCK, once they're eliminated from LCK, they become bystanders. They sit on stools watching and quietly commenting on the action. Sometimes they get to partake of the food, but mostly, watch and sometimes call out to the cheftestants asking what they're cooking.

                1. re: nosh

                  It did kind of seem as if she could go back to the main house.

                  Linda, I thought it was between Jeffrey and K. too and was just thinking that judging such separate items is kind of hard. It's very hard for that salad to compete with well cooked fish or an interesting chowder.

                  1. re: Joanie

                    Exactly. Chrissy saved face by making the salad properly, and with Tom C. saying that the Canlis brothers would have liked the 2nd one she made. But I can't see how she could have won with that dish.

                    However, what else could she have done? She had to work with the ingredients she had for the salad. She couldn't really do much more, could she? I know Kuniko chose to do something different, but what "different" could you do with romaine, other than maybe grill it?

                    1. re: LindaWhit

                      So by winning against the other three, Kuniko just survuves until the next round of LCK? And Jeffrey and Chrissy, who clearly beat Carla who was the "loser" just go to the side like Carla?

                      Maybe so, but I'm thinking that, especially with the double-eliminations in the main TC compeition, that Kuniko very well may return to TC this week, and those who pack their knives will compete against Chrissy and Jeffrey in the next LCK.

                      1. re: nosh


                        I doubt it but that would shake things up, wouldn't it? maybe thats what they are after this season.

                        1. re: nosh

                          Kuniko Yagi will have to win against every chefestant that is thrown into L CK to make it back onto the proper TC competition, based on the previous series. That is a tall order, and I consider it a good test of the cheftestent who might make it back into the "regular" sequence.

                          1. re: huiray

                            Pertty sure I heard Tom say that she will have to compete next week against the chef that gets PYKAG'ed from the main competition.


                            1. re: JuniorBalloon

                              "Pertty sure I heard Tom say that she will have to compete next week against the chef that gets PYKAG'ed from the main competition."
                              Correct. So, what is it about my post that you are disputing?

                              If LCK is run like it bwas the previousnseason, Yagi will have to win in each iteration of LCK against whoever has been tossed out from the main TC sequence to be able to "make it back' onto the main TC series.

                              What DID you have in mind when you disputed what I said?

                              1. re: huiray

                                I'm thinking JB was agreeing with you and clicked on your post to reply instead of nosh's (to whom he was replying), as yours was the last one in that part of the thread. I don't JB was disputing you, huiray.

                                1. re: huiray

                                  Linda is correct, no dispute here, just adding more info for nosh.


                                2. re: JuniorBalloon

                                  So the first LCK was four contestants, but subsequent LCKs will be two chefs head to head?

                                  1. re: chicgail

                                    Hmm, I don't know. They did last year, but maybe they will wait until 3 are eliminated to have another LCK, though I thought Tom said Next week, not next time. I guess we'll find out next week.


                                    1. re: JuniorBalloon

                                      That's how I heard it as well. Tom said next week so I would imagine it's head to head here on out.

                                    2. re: chicgail

                                      That's the way it was done in the previous season. Except in that season it was from the second week when there were only two ousted cheftestants.

                                  2. re: huiray

                                    She'll have to win one on one, also. Much harder to do than make it through to the finals where the other cheftestants (love that word) only have to not be the chef with the worst dish. Just my opinion, anyway.

                                    1. re: Leepa

                                      If they eliminate both members of a team next week, LCK will have more to compete.

                                      1. re: nosh

                                        That's true. Hadn't taken multiple eliminations into account. I'm sure they'll figure it out.

                                        1. re: Leepa

                                          Last season (TC Texas) when they eliminated a team-of-two (Team Venison: Dakota Weiss and Nyesha Arrington) in episode 7 [Game On], both of them went head-to-head in a 3-way cook-off with Whitney Otawka, the previous winner of LCK.

                                  3. re: nosh

                                    I'm just telling you what has happened in last season's LCK, but yes, Kuniko gets to continue to battle whoever gets booted from TCK and eventually, whoever wins the last LCK makes it back into the TC competition.

                                3. re: Joanie

                                  The current LCK champ does not return to the main house. The current TC contestants are not aware if LCK is taking place or not. Moving Kuniko to the main house would give it away.

                                  I agree with your assessment of the salad against the other dishes but if Tom were judging based on whether or not the dish appropriately redeemed their error, she could have won. I think Kuniko executed her dish better.

                                4. re: nosh

                                  Based upon last season, LCK was a side challenge for the losing/eliminated chefs. The weekly loser challenges the previous LCK winner. Those that that lose the LCK challenge are eliminated for the rest of the season.

                                  Eventually, the last LCK winner is injected back into the main TC competition. Last year this occurred where there were 4 or 5 chefs remaining.