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Nov 29, 2012 12:23 AM

Where to buy Cockles

folks - are there any places in manhattan or queens that one can buy cockles (small clams)? Everybody seems to be selling the larger variety


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  1. Eataly and the Lobster Place in Chelsea Market would be good places to look. Also try Chinatown markets. And Citarella.

    You can certainly find gorgeous small vongole imported from Italy, and probably berberechos/cockles as well, in the Bronx at Randazzo's, and probably at the other Arthur Avenue fish markets as well. Randazzo's is well worth a trip to that area.

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      I checked for you: The 6th Avenue Citarella has New Zealand cockles today, for $7.99 per pound.

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        Definitely cheaper at Randazzos. I get them there a lot

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        The quality of cockles at the Chinatown fishmongers is unreliable. I try to get mine at Fairway when I see them.

      3. Sorry - I inadvertently posted this.

        1. I've bought them several times at Whole Foods in Tribeca. They don't always have them so I'd call to check.

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            what helpful responses - chowhound never fails to amaze me

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              Whole Foods Union Square has them today, $8/lb.

            2. Grand Central food court, Wild Edibles. Or their store.

              1. Molly Malone sells them