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Nov 28, 2012 11:23 PM

Curry Up Now - 2nd restaurant now in Palo Alto - Who's been?

Yelpers have already been, what do hounds think of the Palo Alto location of Curry Up Now?

Curry up Now
321 Hamilton Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94301

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  1. Been now.

    It's a very good addition to Palo Alto but somewhat out of place. It's more in the mold of Crepevine - with it's menu above the wall - and lots of wraps and salads in a casual environment.

    The menu is broad enough that it'll take a few visits to figure out what to eat. Just about everyone was 20-something and the place is brightly lit. Everything was nice - I like the kick of the maggi ketchup. The kathi roll was a little bland, which is unusual.

    Hard to think of as "worth a trip", but when you're in the mood for a casual lunch/dinner, it's a good place to drop in.

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      Went to the Curry Up Now on Valencia St. in SF. Order beef kathi roll. Excellent and flavorful. Beef is curried ground beef. The pan fried flat bread is washed with scrambled egg. Filling also includes pickled onion. Comes with a small side of spicy chutney. Perfection. I'll definitely return for this. My friends that also ordered the kathi rolls loved them as well.
      The friend that ordered the thali thought it too starchy: naan bread, chickpeas, rice, papadum, salad, and a small dish of meat.