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Nov 28, 2012 10:17 PM

Bacchanal Buffet - CRAPPY CRAB

I will let these pictures and the descriptions speak for themselves. In short, however, the once mighty Bacchanal Buffet has quickly gone from "Best Buffet" to "Best Bust" for your money. There's no self-respect here anymore, and Caesars obviously doesn't care. Don't waste your $45 on this crap. Wynn, Bellagio...heck...even Main Street Station on Seafood Night is SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER. What a shame!! This was disgusting...and the rest of the buffet is quickly following suit. :(

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  1. Yep read the boards price up, selection down of late, looks like anal buffet now

    1. I ate there today and also saw the crappy crab around 6:30pm. It was just snow crab. But it was actually quite good (very sweet and firm).

      Around 7:30, king crab came out and it was very good. The legs were huge! I don't know why they would wait until 7:30, since anyone coming in after 3pm pays the same price.

      1. STOP THE LIES!

        Bacchanal absolutely, positively, 100% offers king crab.

        HOWEVER-- It's **not always available** for reasons I outlined in my post below. Visitors need to know this distinction. There's a lot of misinformation about Bacchanal's king crab on this board, and it needs to be cleaned up. Like, now.

        See my post on recent visit, here:

        Mr Taster

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        1. re: Mr Taster

          Sorry, Mr Taster, but I disagree. People deserve to be aware that King Crab availability is inconsistent at best. They also deserve to be aware that quality, at least on my last visit, was in the toilet.

          To say that "Bacchanal absolutely, positively, 100% offers king crab" is not true if you need to qualify it with "just not all the time", or "seasonally", etc.

          What IS absolutely true is that King Crab may or may not be available when you go. Sometimes they have it, and other times they don't.

          What is also absolutely true was that it was not present during the visit I reported.

          If the reports on this board were to be "cleaned up" so it appeared that King Crab availability was a sure thing, now...that would be a lie, wouldn't it?

          1. re: TravelScholar

            As I mentioned above, the king crab availability is indeed inconsistent. It makes no sense that they just run out of it because, when I went on Saturday, king crab was not made available until around 7:30pm. The only explanation for that is either that they're not buying enough and have decided to start it late to save on a few hours of crab or they were completely unprepared for dinner and were still in the process of thawing crab.

            Dinner starts at 3pm. Everyone after 3pm pays the same price. There is no reason that king crab should not come out at 3pm.

            1. re: ah6tyfour

              ...or stay out until closing, for that matter.

              I also don't buy the excuses mentioned above. Bellagio never seem to have a problem stocking their King Crab to sufficient levels...and they don't charge as much. ;-)

            2. re: TravelScholar

              > People deserve to be aware that King Crab availability is inconsistent at best.

              Yes, they do! That's what I conveyed in my linked post- a panoramic picture of what someone can expect from their visit (i.e. there may or may not be king crab), not a snapshot of one specific point in time.

              There is wildly conflicting information about Bacchanal king crab, both on Chowhound and the Internets-at-large (confusion which I personally experienced by reading this and many other posts as I researched my trip). I felt there desperately needed to be clarity on this topic.

              And I'm sorry to say that the definitive end-all-be-all-case-closed-this-is-the-way-it-is-now answer is NOT a declarative "BACCHANAL BUFFET - CRAPPY CRAB". Yes, it was your personal experience, which I acknowledge and I'm sorry for that. I'd have been upset too if after paying $45 the king crab wasn't there. But this will not be the reality for everyone, and anyone doing research on an upcoming trip (like me) needs someone to cut through the confusion and offer a broad spectrum picture of what they can expect and not take these declarative statements as universal truths. Basically, I'm offering the perspective that I wished was out there a week ago when I was researching my trip.

              Anyone reading this (or other similarly declarative posts, on Chowhound or otherwise) needs to have a broader, more accurate picture so that they can make an informed decision and decide whether or not to take the risk (this is Vegas, after all!). That's all I'm trying to communicate here in torpedoing and any all black & white/yes there's crab/no there's not statements on the topic.

              Mr Taster

              1. re: TravelScholar

                To say that "Bacchanal absolutely, positively, 100% offers king crab" is not true if you need to "qualify it with "just not all the time", or "seasonally", etc."

                I have to disagree. Otto's German restaurant I absolutely, positively, 100% offers an all-you-can-eat buffet. You can get it any Sunday.

                1. re: FrankJBN

                  OK Frank, I'll give you that I was hyperbolic in my assertion. It came from an emotional place.

                  My research process for this was frustrating, to say the least, and I want to help future Vegas researchers cut through the bullshit and know exactly what to expect.

                  The point is, I didn't just say "They have king crab!", back it up with photos of the gorgeous bounty, and leave it there, as a declarative statement of fact.

                  I qualified my hyperbole with accurate, relevant, precise information for the next person who is researching this topic. The context is there, and that is what has been missing from most of the other posts I've read on this subject.

                  Mr Taster

                  1. re: Mr Taster

                    I realize now that FrankJBN was replying to TravelScholar, and was actually agreeing with me.

                    I therefore should have directed my reply to TravelScholar, not to FrankJBN.

                    Sorry for the confusion.

                    Mr Taster