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Nov 28, 2012 09:28 PM

Getting married in Vegas and bringing my 21 year old son and my fiance's 20 year old daughter. All foodies- 4 nights

We would like a variety of fine dining and cool, fun restaurants for brunch and dinner. We will definitely be going to Lotus of Siam and need at least 1 fabulous restaurant for the wedding evening for under $200 per person.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. gordon ramsay steak chefs menu, best eatting ive done, la'telier second and more

    1. Seriously, I think you should avoid steakhouses and go for something really nice like Sage at Aria

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        Thanks, I looked into Sage (we're staying at Aria) & unfortunately, they're going to be closed while we're there. Other restaurants like this that you could recommend would be appreciated!

        1. re: ocdgirl

          Well I also like Julian Serrano - IMHO the potatoes with chorizo sausage eaten when the open at 11am make for a nice cozy late breakfast. But no hope that this would work for your "fabulous" meal. How many people for the dinner on the wedding evening? Any particular style guidelines?

          1. re: kagemusha49

            Just the 4 of us- 2nd marriage for both. We'd actually prefer something more interesting than a steakhouse, a place that's pretty and has amazing, interesting food.

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              For just 4 people you have so many choices. And I certainly wouldn't blame you if you went to Lotus of Siam twice. If you can stand the price, you could get 4 seats at e by Jose Andres. You need to email them well in advance to make reservations as they only seat 8 people. The price has gone up (it was $200 including drinks when I went) but unless you've been to El Bulli in Spain, you probably have never had anything like it.
              A lot of people here rave about Raku but I haven't yet made it there myself. And the Joel Robuchon choices are also worth considering.

              1. re: ocdgirl

                Interesting, under $200, and pretty (great view, great room) pretty much defines Twist by Pierre Gagnaire. MiX, if you stick to the Ducasse classics, would also make a lovely spot. L'Atelier Joel Robuchon would also fit the bill very nicely.


        2. Highly recommend Le Cirque at the Bellagio. Beautiful setting, excellent food, and attentive service. Wonderful way to celebrate your special event.