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Nov 28, 2012 07:32 PM

Eloping in SF in 3 weeks-- where to dine?

Greetings fellow chowhounds.

My betrothed and I are getting married at SF city hall in a few weeks. It will be just the two of us-- we'd like to just have a fun, slightly raucous evening with the two of us kicking around town and eventually crashing at the Mark Hopkins.

The one element of the evening we can't decide on is where to eat! We have a list of bars picked out... can't remember all of them (the fiancee is in charge of that) the comstock, and tosca are of two of them. I suggested eating at Zuni, but my BF doesn't think it will be too much fun to stumble in tipsy at 8pm (at which time we will already have had several rounds of bubbly) for a sit down meal. I agree that the ambiance at Zuni is a bit on the quieter side. We may go there immediately after the ceremony (which is at 2pm) for oysters and a heavy snack, but by 9pm we'll be starving.

My favorite restuaurant in the Bay Area is Camino, but unfortunately we won't be venturing to Oakland that night. Do any fellow chowhounds have a rec for a restaurant in the 7x7 that has a lively later night scene, but still with super good food? Doesn't have to be a sit down place... I think we'd probably be okay with getting heavier bar snacks.

Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. Absinthe
    Zare at Flytrap
    Park Tavern
    To-go nachos from La Farolita over to The Attic,
    or to-go order from Foreign Cinema over to Doc's Clock
    Maybe Slanted Door
    Sycamore (best sliders in town, and beer)
    Southpaw BBQ (pulled goat and bourbon flights)

    My most successful attempt at the same thing ended us at Heaven's Dog, her in her wedding dress, the wedding party in our tuxes. Although it's not the best food ever, we _made it a party_.

    Ok, I was kidding about Zeitgeist

      1. absinthe, but if you are in North Beach for drinking, Txoko or Bix

        1. Smatbrat nailed it for me: Bix.

          Their Sidecar and tartare are legendary, the ambience is gorgeously old-school San Francisco, and the piano bar will provide the perfect "scene" for post-nuptial elegance.