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Nov 28, 2012 07:23 PM

Streit's matzo meal in SGV area

Is there some kind of shortage of Streit's matzo meal? I've been to stores that carry their other products (the Arroyo Whole Foods has the matzo ball soup mix, latke mix, etc., but no matzo meal, and no obvious tag for it on the shelf, even if it were out of stock). I checked Pavillions, Fresh and Easy, How's, many of which carry their other products also, and no luck (some places had the Manischewitz). Anyone seen it anywhere?

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  1. Have you checked WalMart? I've seen it in years past ...

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Good thought. It does show up on their site, but their online availability doesn't find it in any WalMarts within 50 miles.

      1. re: will47

        This may be a stretch but try Super Smart and Final. Some have decent kosher sections.

    2. Try Gelsons in the Paseo. I can't speak for the Pasadena location but all the Gelsons in LA and the SFV carry the most kosher products outside of a Kosher Market I have ever seen.

      1. I bought Streit's matzoh meal at Ralph's a few years ago. Maybe it's being discontinued on the West coast?

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        1. re: Steve2 in LA

          I've had no problems finding it in other years at any of these places. Seems odd to me that you'd have latke mix and matzo ball soup mix, but no plain matzo meal (and many of the places do sell at least one other brand of matzo meal). However, if it were short-term unavailability, I'd expect to see tags for it on the shelf, even if the section was filled in with a different product.

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            I am thinking it is because they are producing the kosher for Passover matzah meal now. They have to clean all the production machines and areas etc to prepare for kosher for Passover certification. They may also be holding off on distribution until closer to Passover. Anyone else agree?

        2. A cause is likely the area - the SGV. In terms of numbers, not too many Jews in this area compared to parts of the SFV and Westside. I recall an off-putting experience I had many years ago at a Ralph's in Pasadena at Passover time. There was a Kosher TABLE (not a section or little area) with a couple of boxes of matzah and a can or two of macaroons - that was the extent of their Passover selection. I was looking at the items and a guy came up to me and made, what I consider, an insensitive ignorant comment regarding the food items.

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            But the thing is, these places mostly have other Streit's products, as well as another brand of matzo meal. And I've had no problems getting matzo meal locally in other years.

            My wife works in Santa Monica, so if someone has seen it this year on the West side, I can have her pick it up.