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Nov 28, 2012 07:04 PM

Eight hours at LAX

I have an eight hour layover at LAX from 4:00p.m. to midnight ona Monday. Is there anywhere within an affordable taxi ride - $10 each way?? where I could find something good to eat for an early supper/late lunch. Preferably in an area with shops - anything from Target to TJ to Whole Food. I am on my way to the Philippines so don't need Asian food. Italian is always a favorite. Good wine by the glass is important - thank you!!

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  1. No, not if your parameter is $10 each way.

    $10 will barely get you to corner of Sepulveda and Manchester.

    1. Suggest looking at and going to LAX Forum. Lots of suggestions there.

      1. I believe the minimum for a taxi pickup at LAX is $20 - so if you are trying to stay ~$10, you will need to walk off site to catch the taxi.

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        1. re: joshekg

          Not that high. Ipse's figure is more accurate. There's an automatic $2.50 charge. $10 before tip gets you a mile out.

          1. re: Jase

            Actually I took a cab to Manchester and Lincoln and it cost $17.00, so $20 is more accurate.

            1. re: Ogawak

              Your cabbie must have really taken the long way. I live in the Mar Vista area and a cab from LAX usually cost me $25 with tip. It's $20 with tip to LAX since I don't have to pay the airport surcharge. But I also tend to be a generous tipper.

              1. re: Jase

                Well, to be fair I think the fare will depend on what terminal you are picked up at or dropped off at.

                Given traffic in/around LAX sometimes the most significant factor in the price of a cab ride has less to do with distance and more to do with time.

                1. re: ipsedixit

                  You could always take the free Parking Spot Sepulveda shuttle, which will drop you off right next to In-N-Out Burger, and will put you within walking distance of Trader Joe's... (restore your karma by tipping the driver well!)

                  Once at the Parking Spot, you could take a cheap non-LAX off site cab to somewhere close, like Pann's, and then take a much cheaper taxi ride back to LAX. Fare (including tip) is about $19.

                  Mr Taster

                2. re: Jase

                  It probably would have cost me $20 to Mar Vista as well, but the initial cost is in getting out of the airport. And the route the cabbie took was straightforward.

                  1. re: Ogawak

                    Lol. I am sorry to giggle, I appreciate my California CH colleagues but this subthread made me think I was watching this skit for just a second:


          2. You could take the LAX FlyAway bus to Westwood. It's 10 bucks each way, and runs on the hour. Lots of restaurants and shops in Westwood (search the site here for specific recs).


            If you are up for taking public transportation, you could take the Big Blue Bus (Line 3) in to downtown Santa Monica. It's $1.50 each way. There's a free shuttle from LAX to the bus terminal near LAX, where you'd hop on the Big Blue.

            If you decide to do that, you could always cab it back to LAX if you didn't feel up for another bus ride. You should be able to get the cab ride down to about $23 before tip, if you use a coupon.


            (I've never had any issues with the bus, including taking it after dark to/from LAX.)

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            1. re: spoonlicker

              Hometown Buffet just down the street!

              No, I'm seriously kidding.

              Seriously, I've taken that bus from LAX all the way to Santa Monica quite often, and while it's quite a long bus ride, I enjoy the people watching and the urban scenery.

              1. re: spoonlicker

                The Blue Bus is great and agree that it's fine. The only caveat is the trip can take much longer if any transfer is involved. I'd say just take one line to get to the general area of whichever you prefer. Also it should only be $1 if there's no transfer involved.

                1. re: spoonlicker

                  How long would it take on the bus to westwood? I have nothing against public transportation -- just don't want to be nervous for time.

                  Another friend suggested I take a shuttle to one of the nearby hotels. Do any of them have decent restaurants? Without taxi fare I could afford more for supper.

                  1. re: Mariana in Baja

                    Not sure how long it would take to get to Westwood -- it's rush hour (yuck), so it could be slow. Another downside to the FlyAway is it runs only once an hour.

                    At any rate, Servorg's excellent suggestion of the Ocean Express + Manhattan Beach is a much better option than Westwood. I'd go that route.

                    1. re: Mariana in Baja

                      No restaurants worth a taking a hotel shuttle bus to in the LAX area. 10 minute walk to In N' Out Burger on Sepulveda Blvd.

                      1. re: Mariana in Baja

                        Not to make it more complicated, but an alternative would be to take a hotel shuttle to one of the hotels near where the Manhattan Beach Trolley stops(costs a few $ for the trolley) - this will take you to a couple of shopping centers in Manhattan Beach, both of which have a few decent restaurants, and also to the pier area in Manhattan Beach where there's a fairly good selection of places.

                        As for the restaurants in the LAX hotels, pass on them - all are overpriced and mediocre at best.

                      2. re: spoonlicker

                        i second the westwood idea. you can eat at TLT. interesting food and good drinks list (for a non fancy restaurant). satisfies all your suggested criteria.

                        1. re: spoonlicker

                          re: the Big Blue Bus to santa monica
                          not familiar with the time from LAX to Santa Monica at 4 or 5 p, but i'm VERY familiar with the reverse trip at that time (Santa Monica to LAX). figure well over an hour. often the busses are so crowded from 4 to6 that they will only stop to let passengers off, and won't let any new passengers on.
                          ya want a seat? fuggetaboutit.

                        2. In-N-Out Burgers is walkable with 8 hours, but they serve no wine...

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                          1. re: J.L.

                            Only if all the crosswalk signals are synced in your favor.