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Nov 28, 2012 06:57 PM

Where to buy fresh lemongrass?

Alrite, I live in downtown Los Angeles and I've been to Woori in the Little tokyo Galleria but they don't appear to have any. Or any thai basil, for that matter. I'm new to the area, so I've not much knowledge of its contents. I have been to ralph's a few times on 9th and hope and i've not seen either of those items there, either. Please help! thanks

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  1. I buy mine at "A Grocery Warehouse" in Echo Park. On Sunset Blvd, north side, east of Echo Park Blvd.

    They have a good selection of lemongrass and other produce, live seafood, a butcher ... my chihuahuas crazy about their fresh chicken hearts by the pound. They also have a freshly prepared food stand inside.

    1. A little farther from you, but I always find it at Silom Supermarket in Thai Town. They will also have thai basil and most likely anything else in that vein you are looking for.

      Silom Supermarket
      5321 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90027

      1. Whole Foods has it. At least the one near me in Thousand Oaks does...

        1. I've seen it at Ralph's sometimes, Von's, Gelson's almost always. It's usually in the section with all the pre-packaged herbs. It's a whole lot cheaper and I think often fresher at Asian markets, though.

          1. Closest to downtown is LAX-C. For any Thai/Vietnanmese/Indo foods, always hit up LAX-C first. it's LA's "Thai Costco". cheap, and open to Public.

            For anything Chinese, Canton Gourmet. Both our wholesale grocers that are avail to public. You'll save like.. $1,000,000 over the smaller markets.

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              Where is Canton Gourmet? Haven't heard of it.

              1. re: estone888

                Sorry, facetious. It ain't "gourmet" at all, I just call it Canton Gourmet:

                Canton Foods:
                750 S Alameda St
                Los Angeles, CA 90021

                Cheap styrofoam containers, ridiculous cheap bean threads etc.

                1. re: TonyC

                  Thanks. I'll check it out. I do love Lax-C and the thought of finding a market that comes close to it, but with Chinese products, pleases me.