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Nov 28, 2012 06:48 PM

de buyer is too heavy for my wife with small wrists. anyone know weight specs of pans?

hi guys,
anyone know if lodge, paderno or any other iron or steel pan weighs less?
i have the de buyer mineral pan. i've been searching for hours to see if i could find the specs, i saw some shipping weights on amazon, but i dont think they are correct.
thank you for your time and any help,

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  1. The Mineral pans are pretty heavy, about 4.4 lbs for the 26 cm frying pan. There are other brands of French steel pans available from restaurant supply houses which are a little lighter. What type and size of pan do you want?

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      cool, thanks for the info gh. i forget to say, its approx ten inch top diameter.

    2. These are a little lighter than the de Buyer Mineral pans, but I don't believe the numbers here. These are shipping weights according to comparisons with other sires, and they must be approximate, because they should not all be whole lbs.

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        I found it. The 26 cm pan here is 3 lb 11 oz, compared to 4.4 lb for the Mineral. That's a 10 1/4 inch diameter.

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          cool, thanks gh. you dont have any idea how much a lodge pan weighs, about the same size? the steel ones that people are talking about on here.

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            Chef's Catalog reports the 10" Lodge steel skillet as being 3 lb.

      2. I just weighed my two comparable pans: my 10" De Buyer mineral carbon steel frying pan weighs 4 pounds 0.5 ounces, and my Lodge 10" cast iron skillet weighs 5 lbs 3.0 ounces. (note that both pans are closer to 10.25" in diameter.)

        Without knowing you or your wife's situation, allow me to comment on my own experience. When I got my heavy pan--a 5 1/2 lb sauciere--it actually hurt my wrist to lift it one handed. But, it only took a few months of using heavier-that-I-was-used-to pots and pans before I could one-hand lift my 11 pound saute or grab my 12" lodge filled with food without any discomfort.

        If your wife likes to cook and wants a certain type of cookware for its cooking characteristics, is there any chance she could build that strength? Besides, the long handle on the De Buyer begs to be grabbed with two hands, and the Lodge has a helper handle with the intention that it is carried almost like a pot--with one hand on each side. One-handing these things is not necessary.


        1. I assume you mean DeBuyer the carbon steel pans. I know you did not specifically ask for this, but here is the information of DeBuyer pan's weight:

          GH1618 is spot on about the various lines of DeBuyer steel pans. Which line do you have? Mineral series is heavier than ForceBlue series which is heavier than Lyonnaise. For example, a 24 cm Mineral pan is 1.35 kg (3 lbs), and a 24 cm Lyonnaise pan is 0.6 kg.

          Ultimately, if you want a lighter pan, you will need to get a thinner pan because steel weight much the same. However, thin pans have their issues.

          Lodge carbon steel pans are about the same thickness as DeBuyer Mineral pans for the 8 inch pan, but DeBuyer pans become thicker than Lodge pans at 10 inch and above. Thus, a Lodge 10 inch pan will be slightly lighter than a DeBuyer Mineral 10 inch pan. It will be 3.7 lb vs 4.3 lb. Paderno is about the same.

          So here are your options. Look for a very thin steel pan like DeBuyer Lyonnaise, but ready for its shortcoming. Or look outside of steel/cast iron. Aluminum is far lighter than steel, approximately 1/3rd the weight.

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            ok, thank you for your help guys, and for weighing your pans jljohn.