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Nov 28, 2012 05:43 PM

Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas Day dinner - which is bigger in your house?

In my house, Christmas Day dinner is the big celebration. However, I have recently noticed that a lot of families focus on the Christmas Eve dinner? I'm not sure if this is more of a tradition for certain religions, but would be interested to find out which dinner is the more important focus for you? Or do you do it up big both days?

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  1. Christmas Eve is bigger for my family because we do The Feast of The Seven Fishes which is customary for many Italian American families.

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      +1 however since we are not near family anymore the fish part has been drastically cut back to accommodate our guests. We have been doing Christmas Eve with the neighbors for 20 years with some fish.

    2. BIG and you missed one,the 26th,San Stefano or Boxing Day,so it's three days in our family.

      1. Christmas Eve is the big meal for us: lots of seafood. Christmas Day is a lot more relaxed.

        1. Growing up, the week before Christmas was filled with visiting family and big dinners- a ham one night, a leg of lamb another, a beef tenderloin another, culminating in the full turkey dinner on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day, my dad cooked a HUGE brunch- pecan waffles, omelets, fried chicken livers and gizzards(and sometimes fried bass or bluegill if anyone had gone fishing in the days prior), bacon- on and on and on. Sandiwches and leftovers for the rest of the day and several days after.

          1. Christmas.

            However, the distaff extended fambly does a soup supper on December 23rd that will blow your doors off. Everybody brings a soup/stew, and there are also breads, chips/dips and other snackables.