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Nov 28, 2012 04:20 PM

British honeymoon couple May 2013 St Louis

We are spending two nights in St Louis as part of our Route 66 tour. We would like to catch a ball game and have a few authentic meals, maybe a philli cheese steak for lunch.. Any recommendations for 3rd & 4th May 2013

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  1. If you are Route 66'ing, you absolutely must go to Ted Drewes for frozen custard.

    1. I've never had a good philly cheese steak outside of philly (for the record, don't spell it like you did around any of the philly hounds). I would recommend you stick to ted drews in the lou, and also go for some bbq ribs.

      1. If you're really interested in Philly cheesesteak, you can get a good one during your time in Chicago at Monti's, 4757 N. Talman, Chicago.

        As for St. Louis, here are some ideas:
        DeMun Oyster Bar near Washington University
        Gus's Pretzels
        Soulard Market
        John's Donuts on S. Broadway

        1. Unfortunately, you will not be able to catch a baseball game on those dates because the team will be in Milwaukee, which is definitely not on Route 66. ( Many on this board would say that Imo's Pizza is "authentic." Many of the rest of us would say it is "authentic cardboard" but it's all a matter of taste. Philly cheese steaks are, as stated previously, best left to those living in Philadelphia. Here you'll want to try a few things that you won't generally find elsewhere, such as toasted ravioli (Trattoria Marcella or Charlie Gittos'), gooey butter cake (Gooey Looie); thin crust pizza (Cafe Manhattan). You would also do well to get some barbecue either at Bogart's or at Pappy's (same owners). Hope that helps.

          1. You absolutely must - MUST - go to Bogart's Smokehouse. Barbecue is an American specialty which varies by region, and St. Louis is well known for it. Bogart's is very popular and at most times it's very busy, but it's worth waiting for. Bogart's is amazing, the best barbecue I've ever eaten.

            For an upscale meal in St. Louis, I recommend Tony's or Niche. Both have outstanding food and service; the atmosphere at Tony's is more traditional, at Niche more contemporary.