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Nov 28, 2012 04:05 PM

Inspired by ChrisVR's post on social media

Can anyone tell me why it becomes a search and destroy mission to find a restaurants operating hours? Days open or closed? -Sometimes it's in 'About us' sometimes in directions, contacts, and if you're lucky in reservations.
I just did a search for Tico's in response to powella's request and could not find any reference to their schedule. I find this peculiarity frequently- wonder how it effects business.

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  1. i just went to ticoboston. the hours are at the bottom of their fairly short home page:]

    222 BERKELEY STREET BOSTON MA 02116 617 351 0400    •    M-F 11:30 AM-2 AM, SAT. & SUN. 11AM-2AM

    i agree it is often hard to find and sometimes is in unexpected places. and when you want the basic info, you have to click around and scroll down. A clearly labeled link for opening hours would be much appreciated on every site.

    1. I absolutely agree! And a large percentage of the time it seems that those opening hours are often wrong. I think that many restaurants do not make their own websites, nor maintain them in-house, but pay a third-party vendor to make them, and to update them, which happens less frequently. Maybe some restaurants don't post opening hours at all, worried that if they change, they won't be able to update the website frequently. But opening hours are basically the #1 thing I look for on a restaurant's website.

      1. "I find this peculiarity frequently- wonder how it effects business."

        I cannot imagine a situation in which I am interested in going to a restaurant, but upon encountering difficulty finding their operating hours on the Internet, simply give up and move on to some other restaurant with a better online presence. I have not found that a restaurant's SEO quality is correlated with its food quality.