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Nov 28, 2012 03:40 PM

too much bacon!

Okay, actually pancetta. My FIL brought me a kilo of pancetta. Unfortunately he had it sliced, very thinly. I find it doesn't cook up as nicely as chunks do for a carbonara or amatriciana. It is also not going to last as long without freezing.

any thoughts on using it up? I will use some for making bacon jam and wrapping items for appies.

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  1. I call false advertising! Having too much finely sliced pancetta is no where near the same as having too much bacon. First there is no such thing and second they are not nearly the same thing.

    That said pancetta works nicely in quiche and and other baked egg dishes.

    You could make a nice brunch or light evening meal with pancetta egg cups. Line a muffin tin with the pancetta, crack an egg into the cup, sprinkle w. freshly grated parm and snipped chives and bake just until the whites are set. You can change this up by adding some sautéed spinach or mushrooms under the egg, mixing up the cheeses, etc,

    It might work nicely in a Croque-monsieur…

    1. I wonder if you could layer it on a whole chicken and roast it. I do that w/ bacon so my guess is pancetta would work too. I've also layered bacon on turkey meatloaf.

      You could also wrap up green bean or asparagus bundles and roast. Let's see, what else... topping for a pizza, make sandwiches/panini, have with eggs.

      1. Freeze it into smaller portions. Seriously. When I was given 13# of bacon at work, first I cheered. Then I froze them in 1# packs and defrost them one at a time. Still have 10# left and no complaints.

        1. I lay bacon slices slightly overlapping on a large shallow bun pan and bake them until nearly done, then drain well on paper towel laid over thicknesses of newspaper. Then I keep it in the refrigerator up to two weeks or freeze for much longer. When I want bacon I wrap a few slices in paper towel and zap it---it gets nice and crisp in about ten seconds and is especially good crumbled in a salad.

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            All great ideas thanks everyone. Any idea how long they will last in the fridge uncooked?

          2. "Bacon Jam"...............please tell me more!

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              Onion & bacon jam. I used a mix of a few recipes, the gist of it was this:

              cook 1/2 kg bacon in dutch oven. remove to drain. remove all but about 2tbsp of bacon fat. cook about 2 or 3 onions thinly sliced until soft. Add a few cloves of garlic and some thyme, cook until fragrant. Deglaze with your choice (I used bourbon) of alcohol. Add about 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup maple syrup, couple tablespoons dijon and a couple cups of water. add bacon back in an simmer until the liquid is gone about 1 hour. add more water if needed. could use any combo of booze, vinegar and sugar

              I served this on crostinis with various cheeses. Would also be remarkable on burgers and sandwiches. Some recipes call to blend it. This just seemed weird to me. Should keep in the fridge for quite a while, reheat when needed, or eat cold, with a spoon from the jar ;)