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Nov 28, 2012 02:54 PM

New Sri Lankan Restaurant in Torrance- Curry Leaf

Passed a new Sri Lankan restaurant in Torrance called Curry Leaf, at the corner of Crenshaw and Redondo Beach Blvd across from El Camino.

I popped my head in and saw they have a cheap buffet for lunch but also a full menu of a la carte dishes.

Has anyone tried it?

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  1. My wife and I tried it last weekend.

    Underwhelming, to say the least. If it was horrible, I would've surely remembered to write about it -- but this place delivered such a boring experience I forgot to post about it!


    P.S. The owner/operator better better watch the temps on that hot table; most of the stuff was lukewarm, and *nothing* was hot. Some of the hot-dishes came right out of the kitchen and went on a non-heated surface, only to cool down over the course of our meal. Good way to get busted...

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      Bummer. The buffet seems like a bad idea... perhaps the a la carte dishes are better? Also, did you order the food spicy? I feel like that a high spice level would enhance the dishes if they are watered down for the buffet.

    2. They have been saying for weeks that they're going to discontinue the steam table in the evening and start serving from a menu. They tried it briefly, but things were so chaotic that they went back to the steam table. They seem very amateurish, and I don't have much hope for the place.

      1. There are several Sri Lankan restaurants in San Fernando Valley as well:
        Asian Lanka
        Café Lanka
        Apey Kade and
        Baja Sub