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Nov 28, 2012 02:39 PM

Good deals @ BCLS

Thought I would start a post like this as the festive season is almost here, so my first pick is the Parallel 49 Hoparazzi IPL India pale "lager", on sale for $11.25 for a 6 pack, not the hoppiest or the best but not bad at all and at that price the best "ipa" beer value there right now imo

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  1. Oh and they are even local as well (East Van)

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    1. re: vandan

      Yep. Worth checking out. If you're in the neighborhood, the growler program is great. If you're not, still cool to visit and the sixers are about that price too.

      1. re: thatwhileifound

        Do they have a taproom where you can sample on premises ?

        1. re: vandan

          They're limited in how much they're allowed to serve, so don't expect full pints or anything, but they're always stoked to let you try what they have on top. They don't always have everything due to production cycles and how successful their growler program has been, but they always have something and are typically willing to crack seasonal bottles to show off as well. Plus, you'll constantly run into some of the cool people behind it. If you have any interest in homebrewing, their brewmaster is someone worth talking to.

          Also, they now not only have one badass growler filling machine, but 3.

    2. speaking from recent experience up in BC gov't liquor store - look for one that is renovating - they have dusty items on sale - big sale. seems very random but if you're in one of those towns / hoods where this is happening, check out the sale bin / shelf.