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11pm to midnight, or later, San Jose to Oakland airport

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Yep...looking for something interesting (not fine dining) with the parameters above. Will be eating some bun bo hue during the day, and looking for anything unique, interesting, ethnic, gastropub-like, offal-like, etc. Otherwise, I'm falling back on A Slice of NY for pizza slices.


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  1. Oops, read the question wrong!

      1. I know some of the Chinese places between Milpitas and Union City are open until midnight or later but I'm out of date on which.

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          The Ulferts shopping center in Mlipitas (600-block of Barber Lane) has China Palace and Top Cafe, both open until 3. There's also FT BBQ, open until 1, which is a little overly greasy but not tasty.

        2. Thanks all. I ended up with the pizza to keep it quick. Pretty good, though I was wishing for semolina below and some NY-style blistering bubbles above.