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Nov 28, 2012 01:52 PM

Pork Crown Roast - does this $ seem crazy low?!

I'm contemplating doing a pork crown roast for Christmas this year - something I've never attempted, but have always thought would be fun.

I called our local meat shop, and was told they'd have to make it for us. That makes sense. I asked for the price, and they said that the pork rib chops are $6.99/lb, and we'd have to have at least 10 to make the crown. Each chop is about 0.5 to 0.75 lb, so it could be anywhere from 5 to 7 lbs for the whole crown roast. Based on the price per pound, that would be $35 to $49 for the whole roast, assuming we did just 10 ribs.

Does that seem right, or absurdly low? I feel like the guy I talked to is missing something. When I see them online through WS, Sur la Table, etc, they are more like $150 to $200, unstuffed, for about 12 to 15 ribs.

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  1. WS/Sur La Table are not places that you should be comparing prices too, they are wildly expensive. They also use premium pork, but $30/lb is very expensive; I've bought Snake River Farms beef tenderloin for $30/lb

    1. Doesn't seem low.
      Depends on how much care is put into it. Many places give a half-hearted attempt at "frenching" the rib ends (removing meat/tissue), others will have those bones gleaming (more work). Other than that, its basically tying the beast in a circle with ribs pointed out.

      I feel the opposite; I think WS, Sur la Table etc, is charging crazy high. But thats very often the case with mail-order, hoyty toyty.

      1. Thanks. That is what I was thinking re: WS, SLT, etc, but the price discrepancy was so wide, it made me wonder. But yeah, I'd never buy meat from them for that reason.

        A follow up question. What about foregoing the whole crown thing and just doing a rack of pork? It is essentially the same thing, just different presentation, no?

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          I would do the rack of pork.....the meat will be more tender and moist. especially if the butcher doesn't do a good job of separating the bones and makes deep slits.. You can make the stuffing separately.

          My local supermarket sells racks of pork for about $3-4/lb. from Sterling's well marbled and excellent.

          1. re: fourunder

            Great, thanks! Seems a bit easier. Although now my husband is asking me about elk.......

          2. re: kws123

            Correct,presentation is the only difference between a rack and crown.Let the pan you would roast in or the platter you would serve on decide for you.
            the price you were quoted seems right to me