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Nov 28, 2012 01:30 PM

Whitaker Center

Heading to Whitaker Center in Harrisburg for a concert. And wondered if there was anything decent in the neighborhood for dinner before the show. Would be a plus if the restaurant served beer and wine.

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  1. Bricco is within in walking distance and has a full bar.

    We ate at a Mexican place close to Bricco's (can remember the name) that was pretty good for lunch and the drinks were above average.

    1. Thanks for the geography lesson. As soon as you said that Bricco was nearby, we made a reservation there. Always wanted to try it and now I have an opportunity.

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        Bricco is excellent and def. what I would recommend. El Sol Mexican is ok.
        Bricco has some lovely seasonal drinks and is now doing a weekly menu instead of quarterly.