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Nov 28, 2012 01:26 PM

Braised pork shoulder - Boulud Recipe

I have to make dinner for eight this weekend. I am going to make Daniel Boulud's braised pork shoulder with cherries and sweet potatoes.
I have actually made this before but it was about a year ago and all I can remember is that it was good although a bit sweet.

The dried cherries that i found easily are tart morello cherries - I like them but they are a bit sour (as the name implies!


Anyone have input on what dried cherries I should use?

My shoulder still has skin on it - I am assuming that I should remove the skin before braising? I would think that unless you are roasting - skin is a bad idea?

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  1. this recipe has an awful lot of sweet ingredients -- the cherries are the least of your worries. you have balsamic, which if you are using an inexpensive store brand, likely has sugar, as well as molasses and brown sugar.

    if i were making this dish i'd not include the sugar nor the molasses.

    i'd also be surprised that 3 hours is sufficient time to cook a 5+ pound shoulder.

    if the glaze tastes too sour you can always dissolve a little sugar or honey in there, but personally i do not like sweet sauces with meats. i would really enjoy a tart counterpoint to such rich meat.

    oh, and about the skin... much of the fat will melt off into the cooking liquid, which you can remove later if reducing that for sauce. then before serving run the skin side of the meat under the meat to crisp it.

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      Lots of sweet ingredients, I agree with the post above. 3 hours might be enough time b/c I see it's to be sliced. Down here in the south, we braise or smoke it until it's "pulled pork", and that's way longer than 3 hours.

      Still has skin on? Or is it the fat on one side? If so, braise it fat side up.

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        Thx - good point.Cherries will be good as is.