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La Fournée bakery (Berkeley, former Bread Garden space)

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  1. Here's hoping he can deliver a small flaky croissant wrapped in crispiness.

    1. I hope its good..I miss my Salt Rising bread from BG!
      Anyone know of a source for Salt Rising Bread here in the BA?

      1. And i'm still in mourning over BG's raisin pumpernickel, where you'd buy a hunk off the mother loaf.

        1. Is this the place across from the Berkeley Tennis Club?

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            It's across the street from the Claremont Hotel (perhaps the tennis club) and next to Rick & Ann's.

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              Right. Next to Peet's, down the block from Rick & Ann's.

              1. I stopped by at lunch time (12:30.) They were out of croissants, but I got a levain loaf, a small raspberry tart and a gougere.

                Even as I die-hard Acme fan (I always say it's not called Acme for no reason.), I was impressed by the levain loaf. Nice, slightly sour flavor, great holey-crumb, and a crisp crust.

                The small raspberry tart was also excellent The pastry cream was fresh, light and not overly sweet, and raspberries were ripe and flavorful. The crust was good too, though not as memorable. (Note to purists: it's anchored by a dab of chocolate.)

                The gougere was fine too, but I like them a little cheesier.

                A good experience! I will return.

                1. Reported on the Seville marmalade croissant here,

                  And the canele here,

                  Both were lovely. Yet, what's really exciting here is the kouign amann. Many, many well-developed layers heavy with butter and a kiss of salt and the bottom's coated with a crackly layer of caramel. Biting into this mid-afternoon, it turned out to be too rich to eat more than half in one sitting. I took out the second half later that night, and chomped a bite out of the croissant I was saving for breakfast just for comparison's sake. The croissant was flakier, more airy and lighter in both flavor and texture. The kouign amann was moister inside, much more buttery in taste, and the layers were thicker with a softer crispness.

                  Fournee Bakery
                  2912 Domingo Ave
                  Berkeley, CA 94607

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                    That sounds and looks like it's definitely worth a stop next time I'm in that area. I was never a big fan of the Bread Garden regardless of the fact that many loved it.

                    1. re: Malcolm Ruthven

                      Fournee hews closer to the French tradition. The pastries look much more refined than the Bread Garden's. I didn't buy any bread but the loaves on display were beautiful. Knowing the owner's history with San Francisco Baking Institute, the natural comparison in my mind was to Thorough Bread in San Francisco. From my small sampling, I'd say that Fournee is a notch better.

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                        Ooh they make a walnut-coriander scone. Interesting.

                      2. La Fournée could be the ugliest looking bakery in Northern California...especially compared to the quaint, beautiful shops next door.

                        What the heck were they (not) thinking on the remodel?

                        Looks like a poorly ran donut shop on the outskirts of Fresno.

                        Gives me the creeps just walking bye.

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                        1. re: Mission

                          Are you referring to the place on Domingo near Peets? Quaint? Beautiful? It is a very non-descript block across from the Claremont, and none of the storefronts are particularly remarkable at all ... the bakery does not need to be anything other than a purveyor of baked goods, since it is not a place to stay and eat. The quality and consistency of the products is what is paramount.

                          1. re: foodeye

                            Yes, That is the location I an referring too!

                            La Fournée makes a pretty tasty croissant...but it is rather small for the price.

                            I find their baked breads taste like Saltine crackers.
                            Not a bad taste but not what I want in a rustic bread.

                            The first picture below is of the old Bread Garden store before it was gutted and turned into the worlds ugliest bakery...so sad.

                            The second is the quaint, beautiful shops next door.

                            1. re: Mission

                              Here is another picture of the quaint, beautiful area!

                              "non-descript"...I think not!