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Nov 28, 2012 12:39 PM

Need rec for awkwardly timed meal for 15 ppl near John Hancock Hall (Back Bay)

I am looking for a decent place to take 15 people for a meal at about 3pm on a Saturday in December. We will all be attending the 1pm performance of the Urban Nutcracker at John Hancock Hall (Back Bay Events Center), corner of Berkeley and Stuart. I don't know the area well at all....any suggestions? A place that takes reservations would be a bonus. TIA, 'hounds.

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  1. for that time...depending on how nice you have plenty of options

    CH can give you the reviews, but

    I would walk 2 blocks to Tremont and pick one of those options but:
    Back Bay Hotel
    Post 390 (not sure the hours)

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    1. re: meeps2002

      None of those places are on Tremont though...???

      Post 390 is ghastly. Id avoid it.

      15 people in Coda at once might be tough, its so small but Salty Pig could accomodate.

      Avila or Davios come to mind.

      What's your price point? How far are you wiling to walk? What kind of food?

      1. re: C. Hamster

        I was just mentioning Tremont as a reference to only being 2 blocks away - which opens a whole new realm of good eats. I work right neat the OP's target area - it's awful for food.

        If I wanted pub food, I'd hit the Globe on Boylston or Salty Pig myself

        1. re: meeps2002

          Tremont is more like 6 blocks from John Hancock hall but Picco or Masa might work

    2. Zocalo on Stanhope street for Mexican?

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      1. re: mats77

        Forgot completely of Red Lantern - which is next door - I have only been to Zocalo once and was unimpressed.

      2. Tico is in that neighborhood.

        1. Red Lantern doesn't open until 5pm, 4:30 for drinks. Tico is a good option as is Via Matta. Bristol Lounge is not far from there either and is a nice holiday spot--well decorated etc.

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          1. re: BellaBoston

            also bistro du midi and laurel. even places that generally don't take reservations might prefer to take one for a group that size.

            1. re: hotoynoodle

              I think Laurel closed a while back. Maybe Geoffrey's now?

              1. re: bear

                Laurel closed maybe 3 years ago. And yes it is Geoffrey's. Sort of a gay guys place on Sat afternoon. At the bar at least.

                1. re: C. Hamster

                  feh, old lady brain. have been there since it changed over too. 15 ppl won't be seated at the bar and the prices are very reasonable.

                  1. re: hotoynoodle

                    Agreed. Geoffrey's would work for a casual spot, and I can't imagine they would be overly busy at that time of day, even with performances in the area.

          2. Maggiano's isn't far from there, and you could probably get one of their private dining rooms.

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            1. re: mwk

              plus 3 for Tico - close, flexible (small or big plates) roomy and unlikely to be crowded and noisy at that time - of course, make reservations for a group that size wherever you're headed.