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Nov 28, 2012 12:32 PM

Farm Burger

My husband and I will be in town for a night and love fresh food. Is Farm burger as good as it sounds? Are there other farm to table restaurants that are really good. Price point isn't as important as experience/taste.

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  1. if you like Chinese try Gu's Bistro on buford higjway--Its szechuan and is family owned--get s his stuff from nearby farmers market

    1. Lots of chefs are doing that....although if you are food lover I don't think I would go to Farm Burger for dinner. But hey that's me.

      Empire State South
      Woodfire Grill
      Miller Union
      Local Three
      Restaurant Eugene (probably the best IMHO)
      Cakes and Ale
      No. 246 (the last time I was there chef Drew had climbed a tree earlier in the day and we were eating the mushrooms he found....awesome).

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        I am a food lover, and a fresh food lover. We are going on a trip to charlotte and stopping halfway in Atlanta for the night. So while in charlotte we are going out a lot too. I have seen Restaurant Eugene on everyones suggestion maybe we will check that one out. Thanks for the info :)

        1. re: KatJonesYUM

          Those are really good suggestions. That said, I do like Farm Burger a lot for an inexpensive meal. If I'm trying to "be good" I get a salad to go with my burger. I really love their goddess dressing.

          1. re: KatJonesYUM

            Rcburli has some great suggestions (I live in Decatur so I'm partial to No, 246 and Cakes and Ale on that list, and unfortunately haven't made it to Eugene). We love 4th & Swift as well -- they have a seasonal menu as well as a market menu that changes daily.

        2. I like Farm Burger but agreed it's nothing outstanding compared to other farm-to-table places. Had an amazing meal at Cakes & Ale, and I'm trying Empire State South next month, but Farm Burger is good for the price point & focus - i.e., burgers.