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Nov 28, 2012 12:24 PM

Apples in Williamsburg?

I am leaving for a week in Williamsburg, Virginia on Friday, and I would like to sample some Virginia heirloom apple varieties while I'm there. If I were going to be alone, I'd drive to an orchard, etc., but I'm not going to be, and that's not a possibility. I'm looking for a place to buy apples in Williamsburg. The farmer's market won't be open on Saturday, so - any ideas? I can't help myself, I'm apple-obsessed. I'm also looking for Virginia ciders and any pears/pear brandies, etc. Just don't want to miss any local specialties while I'm there.

I will also be in DC next weekend - any market info appreciated.

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  1. Tough time of year. Sorry there wont be a Farner's market in Williamsburg until Dec 8. Too bad you werent in town for Small business Saturday, I am sure there would have been a lot more possibilities.

    I would call Bush Neck Farm at (757) 258-0114 They may or may not answer as they arent open for business at this time of year, but they are just outside Williamsburg and may be able to tell you where you can buy their products And I cant tell you for sure they even deal with Heritage varieties.

    Most of the apple places in VA are out west like near Charlottesville, the places I know that deal specifically with heritage apples even moreso out that way ...

    You could try calling the Fresh Market and ask to speak to the produce manager, I would say that would be iffy for Heritage stuff but you never know.

    Two local specialties that you will be able to find in Williamsburg are peanuts and Virginia Hams. There is a peanut store and I think a Ham store near the Merchant's Square.

    Also there is a candy and gourmet store , Wythe, in Merchants square as well. They may have something else that sparks your interest.

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      Thanks for the tips! I will call Bush Neck Farm, and we were planning to go to Fresh Market, so that sounds good.

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        is there a farmers market in the area open in the winter?

        ill be in the area in 2 weeks and would love to not be shopping for fruit at walmart