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Nov 28, 2012 11:40 AM

RIP Mr. Food

Anyone growing up in the 80s and 90s with the local CBS evening news (Channel 6 for all you Capital District kids, like me!) surely remembers the "'s so good..." line from Mr. Food's spots. Before there were TV celebrity chefs, there was Mr. Food cooking away as I was chopping vegetable's for my family's salad that night.

Sadly, it seems that Mr. Food has died:

I can't really remember a distinguishing recipe of his, but I certainly remember him as a presence. Anyone else have any memories of him to share?

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  1. Oh my... how did I miss this?

    1. When I saw news of Mr. Food's passing elsewhere on the web, I thought it would be a topic among ChowHounds, but this appears to be the only thread.
      My wife and I get up to Colonial Williamsburg about once every 3 years or so, and one year, about 8 years ago, the buzz was around that Mr. Food was in Williamsburg doing a TV Special. Never heard of the guy up to that point, but did get a chance to say 'hello,' and exchange friendly greetings with him. We got back to Florida and tried to track down his show (and maybe get to see his Williamsburg program) but couldn't find much. He must have had some level of following, but seems to have been eclipsed by those food "celebrities" you referred to.

      1. Ah, the bearded one. I never took him seriously. Now it turns out that he had an empire of sorts - over 100 TV stations carried his programs and he wrote over 50 cookbooks, none of which have I ever seen. He even had a disciple of sorts, Rachael Ray - it figures, doesn't it? American attitudes toward food and home cooking have long since passed him by, and I'd completely forgotten about him. RIP.

        1. Ohh, yeah! "Ooooh, it's so good!" Art Ginsberg - RIP. Capital District resident here, and he was always on the tv back in the day. Funny thing, I can't remember any recipes or specialties either. I wonder if he just highlighted certain dishes? Didn't he have a supermarket sponsor - maybe he featured specials?

          1. I missed this news also. Was popular in our house growing up because of the eerie resembalance to my father.