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Free range eggs anyone?

I dont consume many eggs but sometimes i will which i buy organic unfortunately i always read free run do you know any place where they sell free range at Jean talon market i know this one guy who sells but there free run im looking for free range. Thanks.

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  1. Actually i just found out about Burnbrae farm im gonna look into that.

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      AFAIK Burnbrae Farms doesn't do free range. They're just another industrial egg processor.

    2. Not Jean Talon but in Hudson for the West Islanders searching for the same thing. Viandes et Plus has free run eggs. You can see their chickens running around out back and more often than not pick up eggs that were laid that day.

        1. I like these ones that you can find at most health food stores : http://www.fermesvalens.com/fr/oeufs

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            The Valens eggs are really good, bought a dozen recently that were from mixed breeds (first time I've seen this from Valens). +1 as well to Viandes et Plus with their chicken coop on premises.

            1. Just came across this article from the Globe and Mail (Jan 2012) - FULL of the information I have been seeking on why it is so damn difficult to get pastured eggs, butter, dairy etc. in this country. In fact this article pretty much answers it straight up. I didn't know anything about this 'supply management' system being in place and as a consumer, I fervently hope that Stephen Harper does do away with it.


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                many thanks for this link. I'll refrain from further comment except to recommend that you not hold your breath...

              2. I surprisingly found Free-run eggs at the Super C.

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                  Yes, free-run is very easy to find, but it's not the same as free-range.

                2. Just found what I'm hoping will be a great resource!

                  Mórrígan Farms:

                  It would seem that they come to Montreal every few weeks - I just signed up to their notification list!
                  $6.50 a dozen, can't wait to try them!

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                    Tried these eggs about a month ago. Am going to try them again in another month - they were unspectacular, and then i realized that it isn't possible to pasture chickens in QC in early March, hence decision to try again in a little bit. Woman who runs it seems very nice.

                    On an egg related note, I found a dozen double yolked eggs in my fridge a couple of days ago and don't remember where I bought them. Does anyone know where these came from? The package is marked 'double yolks' so they're def. being marketed as such (should have seen my face when i got to double yolker # 5 before realizing they were ALL double yolkers, I was all shocked). I want to buy them again if I can find them. :)

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                      Theres an egg guy at Jean Talon Market who sells double yolkers. I don't think the packaging specifies this (so I was dubious first time out), but they were all doubles.

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                        You can also buy specifically-labelled double-yolk eggs at Kim Phat in Brossard. $3-4.dozen.

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                          FWIW, I think they also sell duck eggs @ Kim Phat

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                            Yes, but there is a supply issue for non-fertilized duck eggs for the greater Montreal area.

                  2. Ferme valens sell free range eggs. Bio terre also carry them. http://www.fermesvalens.com/