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Nov 28, 2012 10:46 AM

Best Brunches in New Hampshire

I am researching best brunches for publication in New Hampshire Magazine. One of my favorites was Michael Timothy's but he may only do that on special occasions now. I will probably not consider breakfast places unless the menu is really different than their everyday menu. Considering everything from Hotel Buffets to high end restaurants to quirky spots with something interesting to offer.
Thanks for helping me out with the Best Breakfasts last spring.

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  1. I'm interested in following this as I rarely go to brunch.

    I would expect Bedford Village Inn and Wentworth by the Sea to have very good brunches, but I've never been.

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      I too am interested in this, because I find this category to be seriously lacking in NH. Breakfast isn't much better. I feel like I can wake up hungover, scrounge through my fridge and pull together better food than what is available for brunch/breakfast in southern NH.

      This is definitely an untapped market. I usually go to Republic for brunch, but it is not much different than their breakfast (plus the additions of whatever is on the blackboard). It would be nice if they'd have a few more sweet options. Their savory ones are strong, though.

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      1. I've done Wentworth By The Sea and the food is excellent. I believe they have mismosas included, or at least a champagne cocktail.

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          Yes, went there this summer for brunch and the champagne was refilled twice. Brunch items were OK, but IMHO, not extraordinary. Dessert was weak.

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            Yes, we were there this summer and our champagne glasses were refilled twice! iMHO, however, the food was just OK. Desserts were weak.

          2. North Conway used to have some good Sunday buffets like the White Mountain Hotel and the Red Jacket. In Jackson there in the Red Fox Pub and the Eastern Slope Inn.

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              I haven't been to the Red Fox brunch in a couple years but the food was always plentiful and fresh, certainly not white tablecloth but an outstanding value.

            2. Opps I meant the Eagle Mountain House not Eastern Slope Inn

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                Eagle Mountain House's brunch used to be excellent. Haven't been in a few years. I think they let their dining room manager go--he was a pro.