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Nov 28, 2012 10:47 AM

Chinese Food on Christmas Day

Of course now that Thanksgiving has passed I already have my sights on Christmas (bows head in too much holiday excitement shame). We have traditionally cooked a big meal on Christmas Day, but a few years ago when my family spent time with my lovely Jewish SO's family they introduced us to the Chinese food on Christmas Day tradition and it has stuck for a few years now. Does anyone else traditionally skip all the cooking and cleaning and have Chinese food on Christmas Day?

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  1. It's funny you mentioned this. We always went to my Aunt and Uncle's for Christmas. My uncle has since passed away, and my aunt is in a nursing home. Every Christmas we take her out to eat. I had just mentioned to my sister the notion of having Chinese food for Christmas and she was all over the idea. I think it will become a great tradition in my family from now on..

    1. We have done it but it has never stuck. While it was fun and a novelty we all seemed to miss the slow leisurely day at home w/ no real timetable to get out of our jammies, the kids like being able to stay and play with their toys, etc.

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        Yea, ^^^. While I love Chinese food the thought of missing out on the cooking fiesta and all the good Christmas eats (though, in our house they are the same as the Thanksgiving eats but nonetheless craveworthy and delicious) sometimes makes me want to start a campaign for the old tradition, perhaps we should institute and even/odd year alternation.

      2. Go to NYC's Chinatown for Dim Sum or Dinner.....and you will give up Chinese Food on Christmas Day... The place is crazy

        : 0 )

        1. i love this idea, however we generally spend Christmas day with family and they would NEVER go for it. :\

          1. It's always been a Jewish tradition. And like most Jewish traditions, it has a practical base - Chinese restaurants were the only thing open on Christmas.
            We start our day by serving food at a soup kitchen in San Francisco, board games in the afternoon, Chinese for dinner and then a movie