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Nov 28, 2012 10:40 AM

Chicken soup emergency

I am making chicken soup for my son who is home sick with a cold. I put the chicken in the pot with the cold water and when it started boiling I noticed that a piece of the chicken packaging was in the pot. It is that foamy plasticy stuff that is in the bottom of the meat packages.

Do I need to throw the soup out? Or is it ok? Please help!

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  1. Just pull it out. The soup will be fine. It's considered to be a food safe material so there shouldn't be any problem.

    1. You mean the "mattress pad"? It's got to be food-safe at cold temperatures or it wouldn't be used, but that's not to say it won't leach chemicals when heated. That said, if it had only been in there for a few minutes before you fished it out, and the broth tastes normal, I personally would use it. Unless you purchase organic everything and never touch plastic surfaces, you're contacting dubious chemicals on a regular basis.

      1. I would say not to worry. If it had boiled in their all day and you found it while eating the soup? That might give me pause.

        1. Just pull it out & forget about it. Soup will be fine.