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Nov 28, 2012 10:38 AM

Anniversary Dinner

Ok need your expertise. We are celebrating 32 yrs of wedded bliss. Hubby has a short-list but I can add to it if I'd like. Here's his list: Chez Nous, Kata Robata, Sorrento, & DiVino. The only other place I might add would be Phillipe's. Any thoughts? We have not been to any of them.

Last year we went to DaMarco's. His absolute favorite restaurant is Feast. I like it all. Thanks

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  1. We went to Sorrento a couple of years ago for an anniversary and it was good, but I'd pick the others over it. I really enjoyed Phillipe for a special dinner. I haven't seen much about Chez Nous in some time.

    There's a little seafood place on Shepherd that I like. Very cozy small dining room with a long bar occupying one side, it is kind of a retro setting in an old house. The seafood is good and fresh. No prices are listed on the menus, so consider it expensive. It is quiet and romantic :)

    1. Uchi is pretty special.. U might also consider Brasserie 19 and Marks as other options.. BTW, congratulations on 32 yrs together. Thats quite an achievement!!

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        Brasserie 19 shouldn't even be mentioned in the same paragraph as Mark's, much less the same breath. But Mark's would be an excellent choice.

      2. Since hearing that Feast will be closing in Aug 2013 we have decided to go there. Thanks for the help.

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          Good idea. I went to Segari's for dinner recently (I had only been for lunch before) and it is less than romantic with boisterous neighborhood gatherings and retired looking oil men at the bar. With only 10 tables, that doesn't add up to romantic. We'll be heading to Feast soon also.