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Nov 28, 2012 10:03 AM

Seeking excellent, preferably local jam/preserves

I like to buy food gifts made (relatively) locally. Can you recommend some California-made jam/preserves that are really great?


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  1. I like Blue Chair's product when I'm in the mood for novel flavor combinations - one of their autumn offerings is orange-kumquat with candied ginger and dates - and they're Oakland-based. For straight fruit, I've liked INNA's product - thought their Seascape strawberry was great.

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      You can taste a number of Blue Chair's flavors at the Temescal farmers market on Sundays. I like their marmalades, particularly those of citrus mixed with other fruit. Strawberry Meyer Lemon, e.g., or there's an aprium-orange option that is delicious.

    2. To my palate (essence of fruit, unusual varieties, e.g. yuzu, restrained sugar), June Taylor's are the finest:

      Other options are Frog Hollow and Blue Chair.

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        Ah, yes, how could I forget about the Bay Area preserves pioneer, June Taylor? Great stuff - and you can watch her segment on the CHOW Obsessives series to boot!!/show/obs...

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          Ditto re June Taylor as the best. Though it is dear (as in pricey).

          I'm actually not such a fan of Frog Hollow or Blue Chair. The fruit doesn't come through as intensely in either of them, compared to June Taylor. And while I'm always intrigued by the imagination of Blue Chair's combinations, the mixes sometimes taste a bit blurry/muddled.

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            After making my own marmalade a couple of years in a row I understand better why it's so expensive. Even using free fruit I couldn't have sold the marmalade I made for what it cost to make it.

        2. For me, it is McQuade's Celtic Chutneys that always impress... I buy at Bi-Rite and include in holiday gifts as a local offering...

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            Speaking as one who has been given about 20 jars of jam and doesn't make toast, I second getting a chutney instead. I love the Apple Farm chutneys. Also, Swanton Berry Farm's low sugar strawberry jam is excellent bc it can be used as a sauce. Tierra Vegetables's chile jams are great for sweet/savory combos. All avail at the Sat Ferry Plaza FM.

          2. LouLou's Garden makes some great stuff.


            The Apple Farm's stuff is spectacular. They're at the Ferry Plaza market on Saturdays (or is it every other Saturday?)


            1. Made by past and present members of the chowhound community:
              Kensington Marmalade

              Chez Pim delicious confitures

              McQuade's Celtic Chutneys

              Then, also Inna Jam, here's a rec for the jalapeno jam.

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              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Chez Pim's stuff is wildly overrated and expensive.

                The best jams in the Bay Area are made by June Taylor in Berkeley. Expensive, yes, but her ingredients are totally local and organic, her technique is grounded in years of experience and research, and her palate is impeccable. Her marmalades alone are an experience not to be missed. I dream about her Seville orange marmalade, which is dark and tart and bitter and sweet - unlike anything else in the world.