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What are your favorite cold, bite size appetizers?

I'm putting together a large party for 150 people and am looking for a few ideas for bite sized apps that can be prepared in advance. So far I have:

Union Sq Cafe mixed nuts
deviled eggs
stuffed dates
polenta squares with eggplant tapenade
various spanish tortillas cut into triangles
cheese & crackers
various dips and crudites
spinach pie triangles
stuffed grape leaves
a few bruschetta, tbd

Anyone have any ideas that would go well with this sort menu? I'd like to add around three more dishes.

Many thanks for any suggestions!! Hope everyone is having a warm and peaceful holiday season!

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  1. blue cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, baked and then glazed with an apple cider vinegar/ honey reduction

    "BLT" cherry tomatoes (hollowed out and stuffed with a mix of chopped (and drained!) lettuce, bacon crumbles, and mayo) If you put their little tops back on and skewer them with a frilly pic they look cute/ more interesting

    cream cheese and shrimp stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon and cooked

    I'm also a huge sucker for those cheddar dough wrapped green olives!

    all are fine at room temp for a while

    1. Rumaki! You asked so I replied. It's chicken livers wrapped in bacon.

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        <<<<<Rumaki! You asked so I replied. It's chicken livers wrapped in bacon>>>>>>

        Don't forge the water chestnuts in these!!!! YUM

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          My cousin had bacon wrapped water chestnuts out at Thanksgiving and I randomly tossed one in my mouth with a small sweet cocktail pickle - fantastic! So good I kept eating them together. I'm thinking of combining these 3 for my next party.

        2. shrimp wrapped in a pea pod w/ peanut dipping sauce. Layer in a water chestnut for added texture.

          cheese straws. I like Ina Garten's recipe. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/in...

          smoked salmon on square of pumpernickel, topped w. creme fraiche and a sprig of dill

          crab salad served in an endive leaf

          cucumber/avocado shooters-basically cold soup in small glasses

          slices of toasted bread topped with grilled sirloin and gorgonzola

          dishes of mixed (pitted) olives

          dishes of marconi almonds

          crackers topped with goat cheese and either a slice of fresh figs or fig jam

          1. A little old school but still popular, and EASY shrimp w/ cocktail sauce, cream cheese, super thin cucumber, and smoked salmon on dark rye. Yummy with bubbly! Hey, I rhymed!

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              I agree with shrimp cocktail or even peel and eat shrimp steamed in beer and herbs. Your menu sounds great, but the shrimp is always the first to go.

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                I was thinking shrimp too. At Thansgiving I did them scampi-style; the day before I'd sauteed them with butter, garlic, chives, lemon zest & juice. Easy. They were excellent slightly cool/room temp.

            2. Your menu so far looks terrific!
              Baked stuffed (small) mushrooms.
              Crostini spread with soft goat cheese and then spread (one half only, on diagonal) with black olive tapenade (tuxedo look).
              Salmon mousse out of original Silver Palate, with some finely chopped smoked salmon mixed in.
              Country-style pate with toasts and cornichons.

                1. I like to boil up tiny little baby potatoes, halve them,take a tiny sliver off the bottom to help the halves stand upright, then top each of them with a dollop of sour cream & a dab of caviar (the inexpensive red & black lumpfish caviar is fine for this). In fact, in my presentation I set them up like checkerboards with alternatining red & black lumpfish caviar. Very pretty & delicious.

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                  1. If it is within your budget, you can never go wrong with cold poached shrimp.

                    1. Endive boats filled with bleu cheese and candied pecans.

                      1. Smoked salmon mousse on endive, cucumber round, whatever vegetable catches your eye
                        prosciutto wrapped persimmons (since it's persimmons season--yay)
                        frico filled w/ salad(with some apple or pear would be good)
                        panzanella skewers--bocconcini, toasted bread, vegetables, basil, etc. on a long toothpick
                        candied cranberries (these are great and can be put into drinks, too)--they'd go great w/ the nuts

                        1. If you do deviled eggs, please do these...They're amazing!


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                          1. Foie gras on melba toast

                            Steak tartare on Triscuits

                            Miniature crab cakes

                            1. Hummus on pita triangles.

                              Edamame but then the guest has to find a place for the pod, even though they love them.

                              Pieces of California roll

                              1. Drumettes in the sauce of your choice
                                Sausage on toothpicks with mustards
                                Meatballs, of course, sweet or Italian
                                Pigs in a blanket, retro and usually well-received
                                Stuffed mushrooms

                                1. I like to do something I call "new caprese". I made it one day because I love the flavors of caprese but was tired of the same set up..
                                  • Small slices (or chunks) of fresh mozarella (the best you can find)
                                  • Thomas Keller tomato tartare : http://www.eatitatlanta.com/2010/03/1...
                                  • Homemade basil oil and basil leaves
                                  • Aged or reduced balsamic

                                  Place the mozz in a small serving dish or cup, quenelle or spoon on tartare, drizzle with basil oil, add a few drops or balsamic and season with salt and pepper, top with small basil leaf or torn piece.

                                  The color is great and it is really fresh and clean. Serve chilled.

                                  1. I realize this is technically not an appitizer, but why not? Ginger snaps with a smudge of lemon curd on them. Yummy!

                                    1. I noticed you asked for cold appetizers...some of the suggestions here sound great but some sound like they're warm apps or they're out of season like the cherry tomatoes. You're decision...here's my two cents worth:

                                      Roasted maple brussels sprouts on skewers wrapped in proscuitto

                                      Carrot Harissa Hummus - for a twist on a classic. Try adding oven dried (or use a dehydrator) apple chips for dippers. Easy to make ahead & you can find recipes online.

                                      Small red potatoes, halved, hollowed out and filled with potato salad; maybe garnished with crisp crumbled bacon & chives

                                      Bowls of smoky fried chickpeas with garlic, lime zest and oregano

                                      Bowls of assorted popcorn like parmesan & thyme, smoked sea salt or black truffle & cheddar

                                      Homemade pretzel bites stuffed with things like salami or ham & spinach and served with a couple of mustards for dipping; this is great cold

                                      I made a large cheeseball this past weekend for a family event which had cream cheese, shredded smoked gouda, jack & colby and onion powder, ground cumin, salt free seasoning blend (cheese has enough salt) and pepper. Mixed it together and rolled in fresh chopped parsley; I served with crackers and fresh baked crostinis. May seem ho hum but it was addicting and the smoked gouda made the dish. You could roll these into small marble ball shapes and serve on crostinis with a toothpick. Easy for your guests to pick up and keep it moving...

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                                        I was wondering if posters read the request--many warm/hot appetizers and repeats of what the OP said would be on the menu already. I love the idea of homemade pretzel bites. I assume they're just baked and not boiled at some point?

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                                          Well, the pretzel bites can be made the old fashioned way (blanched then baked) or skip that step and just bake. Either way, they will be fabulous

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                                            Oh, I assume you fill them after baking then? I was thinking it would be good baked into them but then you can't boil them first. I would love the crustiness of the boiled, but also would love the stuffing baked into them. Can't have it all, I guess.

                                      2. Copanata,Headcheese, Oyster Patties, Brie, Vermont Cheddar, Fresh Fruit, Stuffed Clams and Crab Frittters

                                        1. Raw Oysters..
                                          Boiled Shrimp......

                                          1. Rough chopped pieces of 'imitation' crab or lobster in an aioli mayo with fine chopped Italian parsley and a good bit of white pepper. The imitation crab/lobster is Alaskan pollock. It's quite good actually........and relatively inexpensive. Sprinkle with fine chopped parsley for color.

                                            1. Thanks for all of the suggestions so far! I'd love to do meatballs and stuffed mushrooms, but I'm not so sure they'd be delicious cold. I'll be cooking in the morning for the evening party, so that's a lot of waiting around. I may do some sort of potato thing, as some of you have suggested. Wish I could do oysters or shrimp, but unfortunately that's not in the budget. 150 is a lot of mouths!

                                              1. while watching an episode of "general hospital" online, i was bombarded with promos for the chew, but one of the recipes looked interested and would meet your criteria. roasted fig halves stuffed with a small chunk of cheese (they used mozzarella, but blue might be interesting), then wrapped in proscuitto.

                                                1. trying not to repeat any of the great suggestions already offered:
                                                  - baba ghannouj
                                                  - frittata bites/egg muffins
                                                  - lentil-walnut paté
                                                  - raw or blanched vegetables & homemade veggie chips with toum or flavored aioli for dipping

                                                  1. I like chilled hearts of palm cut into 1 inch lengths, with toothpicks and a honey-mustard dipping sauce.