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Nov 28, 2012 09:12 AM

Pre Marathon dinner near city place

I will be driving to City Place this Saturday to pick up my Palm Beach Marathon packet.
Given time and distance, I might as well look for dinner there.
My wife and another couple are coming with me.
Common knowledge suggests pasta and protein. No fast food place, but don't want to sit for a 4 hour meal.
Suggestions are appreciated. If any foodies are also runners on this forum, are people going to a particular place?

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  1. I am a "serial" marathon runner, so I've had plenty of Saturday carb-loading dinners.

    Often, I just play it super safe and go for something boring like spaghetti and meatballs at a place such as Mararoni Grill or Carrabba's. If you wanted to go that route, there's a Cheesecake Factory literally across the street from the Marathon Expo.

    If you were willing to drive another 10 miles north, and you wanted something special and more adventerous, you could hit Coolinary Cafe in Palm Beach Gardens. If you get there early, say before 5:45, there likely would be no wait. Some great stuff going on here. And there's pretty much always a pasta dish or two on the menu.

    In the CitiPlace area itself... other than chains... and with decent but not-too-fancy pasta... I have a friend who lives right there. I'll see what he says tonight.

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      Pre marathon dinner......I wish I was getting ready for a pre-marathon dinner!......Although I've had a lot of pre football game meals.....and those always worked out pretty

      Good luck in the marathon!! 26+ miles.....Wow!

      Ft. Pierce, FL

      1. re: CFByrne

        Photo 1 - Packet pickup. CK Factory 50 feet away in background. I mention it (and Carrabbas etc) only because of Day Before Marathon Rule #1: Don't do anything unusual. Thus I often go very plain and "corporate". I am sure we could get into debate how corporate/chain could be more risky than chef/owner... but... this has worked for me, so that's what I stick to. YMMV!

        Photo 2: Another option, 250 feet from packet pickup: Italy. Choose from about 20 different types of pasta and 10 different sauces and they'll whip up a meal for you. A friend said this place is very good but I personally have no idea.

        Not Shown: Il Bellagio, which is about 100 feet from packet pickup.

        Also Not Shown: Brewzii, which is a decent "American" restaurant, located right upstairs from these other places.

        Enjoy, and good luck Mr OT, MD !!!