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Post engagement meal at short notice - NYC

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Help! We are travelling to NYC from the UK via Boston (by train) with my daughter and her boyfriend in two weeks time (yes TWO WEEKS!!) and the bf has just informed us that he intends to pop the question whist we are there - possibly walking the Brooklyn Bridge if they don't freeze their ****s off!!
We would like to meet for dinner post the 'event' but I have no idea where to go and at such late notice too.
My hubby loves MJ's Steakhouse at Grand Central but it appears to be closed for an event or something. Obviously won't get into Lugers or any of the other high end places. Don't really want Asian or fancy french style. Just a really good American cooking. Tall tall order being so non-specific but any suggestions would be welcomed. (Oh budget not an issue really, considering the significance of the event - but bear in mind we are on a flying 2 night visit enroute and will not be equipped with formal wear)

Posted this on the Manhattan board and was advised to try here too :-)

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    1. vinegar hill house? it's in dumbo not too far from the bridge and very well-reviewed. small, warm, delicious "american" food.