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Nov 28, 2012 08:22 AM

Enoteca Restaurant, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

What is the food and atmosphere like at Enoteca in Carroll Gardens? I am interested in having dinner there and perhaps having a rehearsal dinner for 25 to 30 people. Also, any other similar restaurants in the area to compare.

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  1. I like Enoteca! It would definitely be worthwhile for you to try it for dinner, and see what you think. Note that its "sister" restaurant next door, Marco Polo, has been undergoing renovations, but I'm pretty sure Enoteca has been open during the renovations.

    1. We go and hang out at the bar or eat dinner at Enoteca enough to know the food pretty well. It is not a "destination" restaurant by any stretch of the imagination but the food is fine and worthwhile for you to check out to see if it meets your needs. It's one of the last "old line" ownerships in the area and usually attracts folks who've been around for many years. The pizza & salads are above average, they use fresh ingredients and the place is upbeat and friendly. Both it and Marco Polo (which is now fully renovated) are open & I think that they have the type of space that would accomodate your dinner. I'd advise going in and taking a look around, having a drink and talking to the owners (Joe or his son Marco) before making a decision. Here's a link for you to get a feel for the place:

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        I think it is a solid choice but not more. did you check out Frankie's 457? Food is better there, in my view I have always fantasized about having a party of the size that you are thinking about in that really cool space they have out back. Depending on what time of year. Frankie's sister restaurant, prime meats, is good as well but not as much of a favorite of ours.