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Nov 28, 2012 07:26 AM

Maguro Sushi & Steak Naples

Maguro is a new Japanese steak and sushi restaurant that opened last July on Wiggins Pass Rd. in North Naples. Like many of the Japanese restaurants in the area, one side is Teppanyaki and the other sushi. The décor is modern and hip.

We started with a couple appetizers that are more likely to be found at a Nobu restaurant rather than in Naples. There’s a Yellowtail Jalapeno, with yellowtail sashimi topped with thinly sliced jalapeno and ponzu sauce. Simple, yet very tasteful. More complex is their Crispy Duck Roll, with shredded peking duck, avocado, spring mix, sesame, and sweet seafood sauce. It’s very creative, and one of the best rolls I’ve ever had.

The teppanyaki side is great for small parties and celebrations, but the day I visited I was interested in sushi. They are offering fish and rolls I haven’t seen anywhere in the area. My favorite sashimi is toro, tuna belly, which hasn’t been available at any of the local restaurants, including Blu Sushi and Tokyo Bay. Maguro has 2 varieties of tuna toro and also serves salmon toro, which was wonderful, and which I never have seen before. There’s a variety of other fish, all pristine, including ama ebi, which is the body of a sweet shrimp served sashmi style, and the head, crunchy and perfectly fried.

We sampled a few of the rolls including spider, green dragon, and Godzilla. They were all excellent.

The prices are moderate, with the various toros being more expensive, but that is par for the course. Interesting hand crafted cocktails and a variety of cold sakes are also available.

Maguro Japanese Sushi
Gateway Shops at North Bay
895 Wiggins Pass Rd.
(239) 591-0003

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  1. Sounds really tempting. Are they open for lunch? Naples is sorely lacking for decent lunch fare.

    1. This sounds interesting. We are planning a trip to Naples next month. We are trying to decide between two restaurants for our Italian choice Alberto's on Fifth Avenue OR Caffe dell' Amore. Have you been to both and what is your preference? We have been to Angelina's in Bonita and like it a lot but want to try something different. Your thoughts?

      1. Maguro is open for lunch 7 days a week.

        Prop, I haven't been to either of those restaurants. I love Angelina's also. In downtown Naples my favorite is Campiello. I also recommend Sea Salt, but for a less pricey alternative go to Barbatella, their less pricey sister restaurant down the street.

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        1. re: RevrendAndy

          Thumbs up to Campiello, with the outdoor heaters on these cool evenings and their crab linguini..

          1. re: RevrendAndy

            Rev, thanks for info. Have you been to Baleens? We have not been there but have reservations. Is it worth the prices?

            1. re: Property manager

              Baleen is beautiful and the food is excellent. Sit outside if you can, although this time of year it will be dark but the moon on the gulf is romantic. If you decide on elsewhere for dinner I'd try to go here for drinks and apps some evening.

              I saw your request for Italian places but I've been to neither and Chowhound gets little action for Naples/Fort Myers these days. I love Barbatella....definitely has a La Dolce Vita vibe. It is casual and the food is delicious and the Wine!!! hundreds of great choices of italian wine.

              I am in love with their orchiette with spicy sausage and rapini. Outstanding.

              IMO, Campiello is sliding a bit. They have been one of the most recommended places here for years and I've been eating there for at least 12 years or longer. With the cougar action at the bar, it is still fun to people watch and see who can move their lips <G> but the bar area at Barbatella is almost as amusing and the food is better. Just MNSHO. LilMsFoodie

              1. re: LilMsFoodie

                Lil...Thanks for the reply. I will consider changing our reservation to Barbatella. We are already booked for Alberto's, Chops and Cafe Lurcat. I couldn't agree more on Campiello. We went last year (between Christmas and New Years) and it was a madhouse. Service was poor and the food I thought was just okay. Someone we sat next to (he had been going for years) said on his most recent visits he felt they had slipped.

          2. I agree with Lil Ms about Baleen. I haven't been to Campiello since I've returned. I would be very sorry to see it go downhill.