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Red Bank area recs needed: Indian food and knife sharpening/kitchen stores

Hi all - new to the area and seeking Indian food near Red Bank/Lincroft.

I am also wondering where folks in the area get their knives sharpened, and hoping that process leads me to some good local-business kitchen stores.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. There are no good Indian restaurants close to Red Bank. On the other hand, there are quite few in the Edison/Iselin area. Search this Board for some of the places to try. See, e.g. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7591... We go to that area from Manasquan for our fix.

    1. Slightly closer than Edison but perhaps not as easy to get too would be Masala on Rt. 9 in Manalapan for good Indian.

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        The other option is to drive south to Ocean and try Tandoor E India. IMHO, they serve the best Indian food in the county.

      2. How about Neelam in Middletown? I have never eaten at an Indian restaurant....just wondering since it is close to me.

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          Just don't tap their buffet and you'll do fine at Neelam. The menu items are the usual suspects, done well...not Little India well...but a nice fix.

          On the other hand Amravathi on Rt 34 in Matawan has gone seriously downhill. Their buffet serves barely warmed food and the cook has lost their mojo.

          It's still Iselin for me and mine most of the time.

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            You couldn't be more correct about Amravathi!

        2. On the knife sharpening, I go to Sur La Table in the Freehold mall when they offer sharpening. Call ahead for dates. And inbetween I ask our butcher to sharpen them.

          1. I work at the Williams-Sonoma on Route 35 in Sea Girt. We happen to be having one of our semi-annual knife-sharpening events today (Thursday 11/29) from 4 to 7. Three knives per person, no serrated blades. There is no cost but we are asking for donations to St. Jude's Children's Hospital.


            1. I've tried many over the past 20 years from NManhattan to Middletown and in between.I've generally been disapointed with inconsistency.I know of nowhere in the RB area but would highly reccomend you take a drive to Woodbridge and try Sonu Da Dhaba.825 US Hwy 1
              Woodbridge Township, NJ 08830.I used to drive to Rasoi in Jersey City which is the best i've found at a moderate price point to date ,but that has also deteriorated over the past 15 years or so.
              There is another Rasoi in Edison which I experienced the worst restaurant Indian food ever.
              If you want great fresh Naan,try Raavi Naan on rte 9N in Sayerville.I usually call ahead and order a dozen or so at a time and freeze them.Good Luck

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                Thanks for the tips. I've actually found the Indian food to be good-to-great at a number of places in NY as well as in northern NJ, so I may be more readily pleased than you. It is great to have all these recommendations to try out. Thanks, all!

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                  +1 for Bgut1's rec. of Tandoor e India in the Oakhurst section of Ocean Twp on Rt 35 south - I grew up in London where Indian food is practically the national cuisine and this is the best I've had in our area since leaving the UK - the a la carte menu is pricey but generous portions - the buffet is pretty good too. They will cater to your degree of heat and spiciness. Very friendly, family run place. BYOB too.

              2. Thanks for all the recs, everyone. For what it's worth, I found another knife-sharpening option, which is at the JoAnne Fabric on Rte 35 in Shrewsbury, in the Acme shopping plaza (behind Panera and Qdoba). Next knife sharpening day is Feb. 5, and they also do scissors (hence the fabric store association). Prices vary by specific knife, and they do sharpen serrated blades and Japanese knives, which not everyone does.

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                  Nice tip and unexpected source ta boot!. Thanks.