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Nov 28, 2012 05:38 AM

What do you make with thse "leftover" ingredients

* Egg Yolks
I'm making French Macarons for Christmas presents and have already started with one dozen eggs. Used 6 yolks for lemon curd last night. Have 6 left and will probably have 2 dozen more over the next couple of weeks.

* Bananas, very ripe. What to make other than bread/muffins?

*Apple sauce - my last batch didn't turn out great, kind of glue-like and too sweet. I put some in muffins which worked okay. What else can I do with it?

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  1. Year in and year out I have 2 maybe 3 quarts of apple sauce not just the way I WANT.BBQ sauce or a pork/poultry glaze is my first re use.Add acid,vinegar,citrus or wine,salt to taste and for me HEAT,hot peppers to taste.
    I never have extra yolks.My cooking goes the other way and I always have extra whites to loose or use.Yolks if extra happened I would use them to enrich creamy,cheesy sauces for pasta,steamed green vegetables or chicken.We go meatless 2 or 3 nights a week so the sauce thing is pretty natural.
    ? make pasta ? and enrich with extra yolks When I make pasta with some whole wheat or buckwheat flour I always add extra yolks.
    Me,not fond of bananas or the bread or muffin stuff,everyone else here is,so I make them.Never have found a better,easier way out of extra bananas.

    1. You can freeze all of those things with good results if needed. The yolks will freeze well if you scramble them a add a pinch of salt for future use.
      To use them up now, I would make a custard, have a frittata or omelet for dinner, give my dog a treat or bake up a batch of cookies that I like extra soft and Chewy by adding an extra yolk or two. How about an ice cream or frozen custard?

      Bananas (frozen or not) are great for ice cream or breakfast smoothies.

      I would label and freeze the applesauce in half cup portions for baking with later.

      1. Egg yolks go into flans, ice cream bases, pie filling, mayo, pasta dough or carbonara sauce. If you mix them with butter, condensed milk and sugar, you can make a candy called yema. Wrap them in colorful cellophane and you have a homemade Christmas gift.

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            Had to look up Yema. Interesting. Never heard of that one. May give it a try.

          2. I used to make some killer banana ice cubes that had orange or pineapple and lemon juice in them. You serve them in lemon-lime soda, or they can be used in an alcoholic drink.
            I can look up the recipe, if you're interested. They were so delicious and refreshing on a hot summer day.

            You can also include some banana in oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies. Very tasty.

            When I'm making egg rolls, I like to use the last few skins to wrap around banana halves, then fry.

            1. Do you mean you have left-over egg whites after using the yolks for lemen curd? When I have an egg white left over, I just refrigerate it, then add it to my next scrambled eggs. If I had a lot of whites, I would freeze them in an ice cube tray.