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Mosaic Cafe, Rockville

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I found only two prior comments on Mosaic Cafe, here, from 2003:


and here, from 2006:


I have had two meals there this past month - one dinner and one lunch. Both were really wonderful. The place is nicely decorated, very comfortable, and somehow rather serene. There's a sense of calm even though it is generally at full capacity.

The food was really enjoyable. For dinner, we had an appetizer of cilantro chicken rolls. These were very light phyllo wrappers filled with a delicious diced chicken. We should have shared - it was a very large app. My mother had the mountain trout which was also delicious and perfectly cooked. Husband had the pork medallions and my only gripe was that they were too salty, but then as someone who uses almost no salt, restaurant food is always too salty for me. I had one of the specials and sorry to say I can't remember what it was (that happens a lot these days), I do remember enjoying it.

Lunch yesterday was a tuna melt on rye. The tuna had too much mayo but the sandwich was otherwise quite good. The rye was excellent and I asked where they bought the bread. They said they bought it at Whole Foods. I was surprised. How can a restaurant turn a profit if buying food at retail prices? Or does Whole Foods have a restaurant division? I chose to have the ginger pepper slaw which is really a nice change from the usual fries or slaw. Mother had a burger cooked just as requested. She decided to have it on the waffles, which meant awkward eating. Had to be eaten with knife and fork.

The waffles are amazing. Light as air. Obviously, they serve a non-sweet waffle with mains. We are looking forward to trying breakfast as my husband is a waffle fanatic and I don't make them at home.

I've also noticed that whatever is fried is always served piping hot and without any excess grease.

The service is somewhat slow but very pleasant. It seems to be a function of the kitchen, not the servers.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I live near Mosaic and I enjoy my meals there as well. The waffles, as you've mentioned, are amazing and I try to order some every time I visit. I've also had their pork medallions which were outstanding: crispy and juicy. I think they do tend to overcook their vegetables though.

      My only problem has been the abysmally slow service, although I think it's gotten better lately.

      1. I like Mosaic Cafe very much! Their food is well-prepared with high quality ingredients.