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Nov 28, 2012 03:04 AM

Best breakfast baked good recipe for a school fundraiser?

My children's elementary school has an annual fuundraiser, Breakfast with Santa, and they ask parents to contribute either a baked good for a silent auction OR a breakfast item that can be served the morning of the fundraiser. This year I opted to do the breakfast item, is there anything lovely you could recommend that can be baked the day before and (probably) not refrigerated? They ask for all goods to be dropped off the day before the breakfast, so no hot things (like strata), but anything else is fine. Thank you!

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  1. Mini cinnamon rolls -- a less processed version of a Cinnabon, if you will -- are always enormously popular with kids. Adults like them too!

    1. Mini blueberry-bran muffins - I know I always appreciate a healthy(ish) choice when faced with a table full of food!
      Or a bowl of fruit - clementines, apples, bananas...

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        I'l bet no one has ever thought of providing fruit for this event, what a great, beautiful idea. I would be one of those in the minority at one of these things that would be more excited about the fruit than any other thing...I might do this, but what do you think about the no refrigeration issue?

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          I totally love this idea. Be careful about bananas, some people are very allergic. Just don't have them touching anything else. Clementines are abundant this time of year. Small bunches of grapes, too. Wouldn't worry about the fridge issue with whole fruit.

          Maybe even some carrots for Santa's reindeer (with a container of ranch dressing for the elves to dip them into). Yeah, okay, possible fridge issue here with the dressing.

      2. Oatmeal cookies with mixed dried fruit
        Breakfast breads that may not be so common like the classice sour cream coffee cake
        Granola! Bag up into smaller pretty bags with nice ribbions
        Carrot cake cut into squares
        Not so common muffins, Morning Glory/Humming bird, ect.

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          I like that carrot cake squares idea!

        2. Are the breakfast items meant to be eaten by the kids, parents, or both? I don't know too many kids who will be exited by overtly "healthy" baked goods. Count your blessings if you've got a kid who is.

          If you are able to get King Arthur's white whole wheat flour in your area you could bake up an assortment of muffins or mini muffins using the white whole wheat flour for part of your base mixture, separating the base, and adding in different things like blueberries, mini chocolate chips, chopped cranberries, etc. For a more festive/less healthy option, when the muffins come out of the oven, roll the tops in melted butter and then regular sugar or cinnamon sugar.

          For a holiday look check a party store for holiday-themed muffin papers. They might even have snowman or Santa picks that you can stick in the tops of the muffins.

          I'm also guessing that since the theme of the event is Breakfast with Santa your school does not have families who do not celebrate Xmas, correct?

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            It need not be healthy, I'm sure the majority of people attending will be looking for treats. It is an optional attendance type of thing, held on a Saturday morning, put on by the PTO to raise money. You have to buy tickets in advance, so if Christamas is not your thing, you just would not go, I think.

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              kmlmgm - can you tell me more about how it works? What price is charged for the tickets?

              1. re: JudiAU

                Tickets are $3 per, adult or child, same price. Included is the breakfast, a visit with Santa, photo op (bring your own camera), and some entertainment (not sure what it is this year but it has been a magician). There are additional baked goods (mostly pies) to buy to take home.

          2. What about making cake pops w/ quick bread or muffin? If you microwave frosting (either home made American buttercream or canned), it turns liquidy enough to dip and then hardens so it's easy to wrap. The frosting keeps the cake/bread moist. You can roll it in cereal for decoration.