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Nov 28, 2012 12:20 AM

Sushi Girl (The Movie)

I just saw a Movie on Xfinity called Sushi Girl. This is its description from the movie list. "While enjoying an array of sushi served of the naked body of a woman, five thieves can't help but open old wounds. However, thing become dangerous for the Sushi Girl who is trained to ignore her surroundings."

I would not call it a food movie in the in the sense of Big Night or Babettes Feast. It's more of a somewhat entertaining Tarrantino knockoff. An unrecognizable Mark Hammil is funny as Truman Capote like creature. As you can probally imagine it's not for the squeemish.

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  1. Did he do his Joker voice?

    The movie officially releases in Canada on Pearl Harbor Day as per IMDb.

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    1. re: wattacetti

      His voice was kind of a cross between his take on the Joker and Truman Capote. If you're used to seeing him from just Star Wars it's kind of freaky. The Sushi Girl, (Cortney Palm) was cute.

      1. re: syrup09

        I haven't watched his performance as Luke in several years, but I did see Corvette Summer recently. I think of him more for his voice performance as the Joker or Crybaby Clown, which may as well be the Joker voice.

        Will have to put this on the to eventually watch list, especially if I ever go back to that one Kansas town whose sushibar is offering nyatomori.