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Nov 27, 2012 10:35 PM

2012 Season / Dungeness Crab in the OC

The 2012 Dungeness crab season is about to go high gear. Although a November 15th start for Bay area crab, December 1 should be the start date for crabs of Washington and Oregon's more northern waters. . . . 1.5 times the Fisherman's price is the rule for average retail. Best bet in Orange County are the Vietnamese markets of the Little Saigon area of Garden Grove. Live in the tank, they are trucked down from the north about every other day.

Price reports anyone? . . .
$3.99lb is my goal, however that price may be hard to find this year..

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  1. I saw them in 99 Ranch in Arcadia for $3.99/lb with a limit of two crabs per person. You may be able to find them for the same price in the OC.

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      Thank You . . so $3.99/lb does exist this year. After a few years of price watching, I have found that historically, Dungeness crabs seem to be at their lowest price the 1st and 2nd week in December, and again the second week in February. I am getting mixed reports as to if this season will be a small or large harvest.