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Nov 27, 2012 10:20 PM

Lunch downtown(ish) spots

I've read through the old threads, and I'm wondering if anyone has any good ideas for lunches downtown. We work downtown, and have started a Wednesday lunch hour thing where we try to go out instead of eating leftovers from the office fridge. Not me, I never have leftovers, but coworkers don't go out much. So we've gone to Il Corvo, The Wurst Place, Matt's at the Market, Salumi... So does anyone have good ideas for places I could take people in the adjacent bus acceptable neighborhoods from downtown? We've got the ID covered, 3 of my coworkers live there and have definitive opinions on the area.

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  1. Le Pichet, Serious Pie, Blueacre, Toulouse Petite (using the monorail). Lola, Steelhead Diner, Place Pigalle...

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    1. re: Gizmo56

      Toulouse Petite would be fun! We haven't done Place Pigalle yet either. You're on the right track as we've done Bluacre, Lola, and Steelhead as well. Thanks for the ideas!

    2. Icon Grill, Local 360, Fare Start, The Brooklyn, Maximillien immediately come to mind although there are tons of places.

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      1. re: firecracker

        +1 on these recommendations, especially FareStart since it's a good food for a good cause. Service is earnest, dining room is pleasant, and they've always been very accommodating when I bring business groups there.

      2. Il Corvo is moving to Pioneer Square on James. What a boon to the area. But rumor is they might be pushing prices up from the $8-10 pasta dishes.

        1. At the Market, the Market Grill is a great choice. For years I passed it by because it's so small, I thought it would take forever to get a seat--but when I tried it, it was surprisingly quick. The food is outstanding.

          When the weather gets better again, The Pink Door's patio is lovely.

            1. re: bourbongal

              lecosho without a doubt. great service, food, wine. it's a gem and kinda undiscovered but only due to its location.