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Nov 27, 2012 09:11 PM

Devine Gelateria & Cafe Sacto

Found this gelato place in late summer two fridges showcasing gelato and sorbet. Comparing to Naia, Devine is creamier and stronger in flavor. Despite my asian palate found their gelato a bit too sweet, I could not help myself having a scoop of pistachio whenever I am in town. My mother was so impressed with the pistachio and why it was more flavorful than the actual nuts from the grocery store's bulk bin.

It is located on 19th and L in mid town Sacramento.

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  1. As always, good to see a post from you. I only get to Sacramento once or twice a year, but this goes on the list.

    Anyone tried the soup or panini here?

    1. I completely forgot about this thread, and just rediscovered it now to report on my visit to Devine on Thursday. I had spotted it driving by and returned later to give it a try.

      The gelato is FAR, FAR superior to Naia. More intense and natural-tasting flavors, denser texture, richer milk, creamier, and not as sweet. Gelati are spun daily and made with Clover milk. This time of the year, mid-week, only half the case was filled, but that was plenty for sampling. The lady behind the counter offered up some of her favorite flavors without my asking to try them. I tasted Lavender with honey caramel, Cuban chocolate, Pistachio, Roasted almond, and Blackberry creme fraiche.

      I loved the intensity of the pistachio, but felt it was too sweet and indeed sweeter than the other flavors. I got a $5 cup with two flavors. The roasted almond has crunchy chunks of almond and the blackberry creme fraiche offered up creamy richness but with a refreshing lilt. The bit of waffle cookie that accompanies a cup was good too.

      Highly recommended!

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        My current favorite is coconut, but I found myself going to Ginger Elizabeth on the next block for sundae and specials on the weekends. I will definitely give the blackberry creme fraiche a try.