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Devine Gelateria & Cafe Sacto

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Found this gelato place in late summer two fridges showcasing gelato and sorbet. Comparing to Naia, Devine is creamier and stronger in flavor. Despite my asian palate found their gelato a bit too sweet, I could not help myself having a scoop of pistachio whenever I am in town. My mother was so impressed with the pistachio and why it was more flavorful than the actual nuts from the grocery store's bulk bin.

It is located on 19th and L in mid town Sacramento.


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  1. As always, good to see a post from you. I only get to Sacramento once or twice a year, but this goes on the list.

    Anyone tried the soup or panini here?

    1. I completely forgot about this thread, and just rediscovered it now to report on my visit to Devine on Thursday. I had spotted it driving by and returned later to give it a try.

      The gelato is FAR, FAR superior to Naia. More intense and natural-tasting flavors, denser texture, richer milk, creamier, and not as sweet. Gelati are spun daily and made with Clover milk. This time of the year, mid-week, only half the case was filled, but that was plenty for sampling. The lady behind the counter offered up some of her favorite flavors without my asking to try them. I tasted Lavender with honey caramel, Cuban chocolate, Pistachio, Roasted almond, and Blackberry creme fraiche.

      I loved the intensity of the pistachio, but felt it was too sweet and indeed sweeter than the other flavors. I got a $5 cup with two flavors. The roasted almond has crunchy chunks of almond and the blackberry creme fraiche offered up creamy richness but with a refreshing lilt. The bit of waffle cookie that accompanies a cup was good too.

      Highly recommended!

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        My current favorite is coconut, but I found myself going to Ginger Elizabeth on the next block for sundae and specials on the weekends. I will definitely give the blackberry creme fraiche a try.