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Nov 27, 2012 08:44 PM

mont tremblant

any suggestions for best restaurants in mont tremblant, any good eats at all; or in that vicinity. thanks so much.

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    1. Mille Pates is a very good Italian restaurant. It's a 15 minute drive from Mont Tremblant. The pasta is made in house. The sauces were fresh and flavorful.

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      1. Mt Tremblant is a wasteland of overpriced mediocre restaurants.The reason for that is people who reside on site do not leave to go to St Donat (or elsewhere) the restaurant owners know that and have no pressure or pride to come up with anything good. Mt Tremblant's food is not worth wasting your money on, try to get a condo with a kitchen that is your best idea. The other option if you like great food and skiing is to go to Stowe where you have some of the best ski hill food in the northeast.

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          Ive had great food in st sauveur but the skiing isnt as good (small mountain)

        2. Cheval de Jade and SAB are both pretty good gourmet restaurants. They are both in St. Jovite.

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            Exactly my point. St Jovite and St Sauveur are both in a "freemarket"zone where they compete for your business.Its about time that skiiers put pressure on MT restos and STOP patronizing them even better tell them directly. Sorry I am so negitive but I hate being ripped off and MT is the king of that in the ski world.

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              Mont Tremblant municipality includes St. Jovite. That is why I offered those two restaurants as suggestions. The OP didn't specify whether they were talking about Mt. Tremblant, the ski resort, or the municipality with the same name.
              But they wrote 'in Mont Tremblant and its vicinity" which implies for me the whole municipality.

              By the same logic, when one mentions Stowe, one is talking about the town and not just the ski hill and the restaurants on it.