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Nov 27, 2012 07:42 PM

Fuego in Arlington- Report

I have to confess that I probably shouldn't order tacos in a restaurant anymore. They are always polite, underwhelming. When I go to a taqueria, just the aroma of roasted corn as I unwrap the taco from TECC is enough to knock me over. At a place like Fuego, they don't stand a chance.

I fared much better with a side order of beans. At $3 it was an outrageous price for a tiny portion, but probably the best beans I've had in my life, which leads me to believe that there is likely plenty of gold on the menu. (I got the frijoles charros, not the refried).

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  1. So the tacos sucked? I had heard mixed things, but am always skeptical about tacos at places like these.

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      No, the tacos were good, but nothing that warrants swooning. I have come to the conclusion that serious restaurants can't touch what a good taqueria can do. Kind of like how most restaurants that dabble in pizza also can't make a sensational pizza.