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Nov 27, 2012 07:23 PM

High Quality Ice [moved from SF Bay]

I have been trying to make better ice at home--larger than average cubes, solid, no air bubbles--like you get these days in your trendier bars, to keep cocktails at a nice temperature without watering them down too much. It ain't working. The interwebs tells you to boil water (twice), distill and/or de-ionize it, freeze the water slowly, vibrate the trays (yes, I tried that how you think I tried that and now it needs new batteries), and/or shrink wrap the top of the trays. Results? Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.

So I post the queries, is anyone else having better luck with their home water freezing experiments, and/or does anyone know where you can buy weapons-grade ice in the Bay Area?


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  1. Trendy bars use special Kold Draft ice machines. Maybe you could talk someone into selling you some.

    One reported alternative is to buy a block of ice and saw it into cubes:

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      I created a topic on the SF board on where to buy ice locally:

      Existing ice topic on the Spirits board:

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        Two blog posts describing methods the authors say proved to work, one using an insulated cooler:

        Another using a dorm-style refrigerator:

    2. Did you try using boiling hot water in the trays? Hot water eliminates bubbles and the white frosty color in the middle.

      1. I love your post (yes, for the reason you think I love it)!

        I haven't experimented with making ice to the extent that you have but it is something that I long for. My biggest complaint is why do most (or all as far as I can tell) built in refrigerator ice makers make half moon shaped ice? It hugs the sides of the glass making it nearly impossible to get the beverage out. Drinking becomes a not-so-fun game to me at that point - fighting the ice to see who will win. When I "win" my drink is gone in 3 minutes... when the ice wins it releases its dam and douses me with my beverage. I WANT SQUARE CUBES!! I'll work on the quality after that.

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          Tovolo makes 1" and 2" square and 2.5" spherical silicone ice trays:

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            I have a couple- they are red and require a flat spot in my freezer which doesn't exist. I really want my refrigerator to churn out square cubes. I would seriously buy a new refrigerator if it had an automatic square ice cube maker!