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Nov 27, 2012 06:37 PM

Lounge/Bar to surprise husband for Vegas 40th bday get together

Looking for help! There are a total of 10 of us going to Vegas early December to surprise my husband for his 40th birthday.

The last couple arrives on Fri Dec 7 around 8pm. Any recommendations for a great bar or lounge where we can meet up for the initial surprise, get some drinks and hang out. Preferably a place where we can hear one another talk as we havent seen some of our friends in a few years. We are all late 30s early, 40s. Most of us are staying at the MGM signature...

Thanks for any input!

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  1. Nobhill in MGM is pretty chill, and you can get some good eats, however they are only up till 10:30 not sure how long you were wanting to hang out but im guessing thats a bit early =/ but already being in the area saves a trip for most.

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      ok! That is great advice... I just looked it up!

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        they have always had great service and knowledgable staff when ive been there, you can get a bunch of *happy hour* apps and drinks from like 530 till close or something, the shrimp were alot bigger than expected, the lobster rolls smaller, and the bbq pork aint bad. make sure you try their signiature drink like the nobhill cable car? its reeealy good has like cinamon sugar rimmed glass. and if in the mood for lots of food they serve the micheal mina specialty lobster pot pie they bust out table side, wasnt that impressed with the kobe burger, rather have wolfgangs from his cheap restaurant right next door ( open late) im sure they have drinks too, and blue cheese chips(if you like blue cheese you must have these sometime), bacon wrapped meat loaf i had there were AWESOME, and their bread has been the best ive had, if you count out the bread w/ FRENCH BUTTER* from la'telier, the bread was actually better, but the french butter is the win.

    2. Most of the time I got together for drinks in a lounge with a group, we would start the evening at either The Heart Bar in Planet Ho or Chandelier in the Cosmo. The choice was based on which side of the Strip most of the group was staying.

      1. The bar at the Mandarin is by far my favorite. Amazing views, excellent cocktails, older crowd, isolated and pretty quiet (even late). So good for a crowd to talk. And not too far from MGM (relatively).