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Nov 27, 2012 06:01 PM

NY gal needs help making December weekend dining decisions

Solo gal coming to MSP area for just Fri-Sunday, no dining restrictions or price point. Comfortable eating at the bar or a table. Looking for interesting local food thats well crafted and tasty! Have done some research but didnt find a recent thread for a weekend plan. I m thinking Ill be able to do friday dinner, then cocktails/late night snack, Saturday b'fast/brunch, then dinner and maybe drinks/late night snack again (!) and Sunday brunch. So far I am considering Haute Dish, Travail, Butcher & Boar, Bachelor Farmer, Hells kitchen (brunch). Would love recommendations for brunch/lunch spots and need help picking when to go where and any recommended dishes. i know its sort of an annoying topic but any help would be welcomed, thanks :))

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  1. I've long been an advocate of Hells Kitchen, but we've had so much development on the brunch front in St. Paul, you may want to have a peek at this thread. Are you focusing exclusively on Minneapolis (rather than St. Paul) and will you have a car?

    Here's another thread with some standouts in it.

    And some discussion about brunch at the bar at Haute Dish that might interest you.

    When I think of late night snack, I still think of 112 Eatery, but maybe that's passe. I've not been as active on the high end dining scene these past couple of years.


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      Yes will have a car! thanks for the help :)

    2. If you don't mind getting out of downtown for lunch I would recommend World Street Kitchen which just opened at 28th and Lyndale. International street food done well by the man behind Saffron which also would be worth checking out for dinner, downtown in the north loop.

      From WSK I can recommend the MFC (Moroccan Fried Chicken) biscuit sandwich, Korean beef lettuce wraps and the chaat appetizer. WSK is one of those order at a counter take a number to a table places but the food I have had so far has blown all the competition away.

      1. Where are you staying and will you have a car? That could make a difference in my recommendations.

        1. You must go to Alma. I travel to MSP just to eat there. Ask for a table downstairs.

          Was recently at 112 on the later side on a Saturday. Our res was at 8:30 and when we left around 10 it was still going strong.

          If I had to choose between Bachelor, Haute, and Hell for brunch I would put them in that order of importance for me based upon the past year. Unless H'sK has recently become awesome.

          Envying your weekend : )

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            RE: HK, the food's still good, but HK in its new location has kind of turned into a HK-themed amusement park, with a bar, the added on bakery (which looks pretty fantastic actually, even though I've not been able to stop in and buy anything) and vastly expanded space. And even though this is HK's "new" space, it's already starting to look worn.

            HK still makes everything from scratch as it always has., but it has a lot of competition now from newer restaurants that aren't crazy, overgrown amusement parks and are doing things from scratch and using sustainable sourcing etc. Don't get me wrong--I still enjoy HK: the caramel rolls, the bison bread, the PB (which some people think is too sweet but that I adore), the free range eggs, the lemon-ricotta hotcakes, the wild rice porridge, etc. but there are so many more options on the breakfast front these days.


          2. For brunch (if you're willing to leave downtown) I would consider trying Tilia. The place can be packed for dinner, but if you get there on the earlier side for brunch, you should be able to get in without too much trouble, and it's some great food. I love the eggs in parmesan cream. It's also a lovely spot for lunch. It's in Linden Hills, which is within about 4-5 miles of downtown, but it can be a little tricky to find.